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The 43 Pokémon in the ‘Detective Pikachu’ trailer — Did you catch ’em all?

The Detective Pikachu trailer gave us our first look at what live-action Pokémon will look like. Here’s a list of all 43 Pokemon in the film’s first trailer.

We didn’t expect it, but the Detective Pikachu trailer makes clear that there are going to be a lot of Pokémon in the movie. We counted dozens of Pokémon in the trailer alone:

Starting off with the first shot of the trailer, we are introduced to many, many different Pokémon, and most in silhouette.

All Pokémon in the ‘Detective Pikachu’ trailer

live-action pokemon decetive pikachu city

In the sky, we have:

1. Emolga
2. Comfey
3. Flabébé
4. Yanma
5. Pidgeotto
6. Chimecho (look for it floating up toward the end of the shot on the top-right)

On the ground:

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7. Charmander
8. Bouffalant
9. Vileplume
10. Dodrio
11. Braviary

In signs:

12. Petilil
13. Wooper
14. Swirlix
15. Goomy
16. Victini

As a street fair of sorts is getting set up, we see:

live-action pokemon detective pikachu psyduck

17. Psyduck
18. Gengar (giant blow up)
19. Spoink (dashboard bobble head)
20. Jigglypuff (giant blow up)
21. Kangaskhan (potentially, in the middle of the shot in the covered walkway)

In Tim’s room, we see the names of some Pokémon, such as Articuno and Steelix, but we actually see illustrations of:

live-action pokemon detective pikachu rayquaza

22. Blastoise
23. Dragonite
24. Hypno
25. Charizard
26. Blaziken
27. Rayquaza

And then in another brief shot, on the poster on Tim’s wall:

live-action pokemon detective pikachu zekrom reshiram

28. Zekrom
29. Reshiram

Finally, we get to the titular Pokémon:

live-action pokemon detective pikachu first look

30. Pikachu

In the next city shot, we get a better look at Dodrio, Emolga, and Flabébé. We also get our first looks at:

live-action pokemon detective pikachu joltik audino

31. Audino
32. Unown (neon sign)
33. Magikarp (neon sign)
34. Joltik

On Missing posters, we see:

live-action pokemon detective pikachu squirtle

35. Squirtle
36. Pancham

As Tim carries Pikachu in a river:

live-action pokemon detective pikachu bulbasaur

37. Bulbasaur
38. Morelull

In an espresso bar, the aforementioned Jigglypuff appears to be angry at her sleeping patron. Behind her is another match poster featuring:

live-action pokemon jigglypuff

39. Machamp
40. Primape

We get this money shot of Charizard in a fighting ring:

live-action pokemon charizard detective pikachu

The Dark-Type frog attacks from the trees:

live-action pokemon greninja detective pikachu

41. Greninja

Watching the Charizard match are Detective Pikachu, another Pancham and Squirtle (perhaps the missing ones?), and:

live-action pokemon rufflet detective pikachu

42. Rufflet

And last but not least; Tim and Detective Pikachu interrogate the Psychic-Type Pokémon:

live-action pokemon mr mime detective pikachu

43. Mr. Mime

detective pikachu one sheet

‘Pokémon Detective Pikachu’ hits theaters on May 10, 2019

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