6:00 pm EDT, April 18, 2018

‘Lily Evans’ fan film series hopes to create Lily/James wedding

By Irvin K
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Potter fans may finally have a chance to see a Lily/James wedding!

Here at Hypable, we’ve previously written about a duology of fan films that put a witch-centric spin on the Marauder era: Lily Evans and the Eleventh Hour and Lily Evans and the Stroke of Midnight. When the latter was released, we expressed hope that there would be more films set in this universe, given the top-notch quality of the first two. Well, ask and ye shall receive!

Out of the blue, Apple Juice Productions posted a new video set in the Lily Evans universe: Lily Evans and the Moment of Truth. It’s a short slice-of-life video for Lily and the Marauders, culminating in a heart-warming proposal from James to Lily. It’s just as adorable as we’ve always imagined the proposal would have been. Everyone together: Aaawwwwww!

But there’s more. The above video actually serves as an introduction to what will be the third installment in the series: the wedding of Lily Evans and James Potter!

But as anyone who has ever gotten hitched knows, weddings are expensive. As the lovely folks at Apple Juice Productions say, “Our couple needs a beautiful venue, a gorgeous dress, a dapper suit and everything else you need for a perfect wedding.” All of the Lily Evans films have been freely available on YouTube, but now they are asking fans to help raise money for the next installment.

Fans can contribute at Apple Juice’s website, where there is a whole host of fun rewards at varying price levels. Anyone who donates $10 or more will get to watch the wedding video on June 1; the video will not be made available to the public until much later. $10 is a lot less than most wedding gifts, so it seems like a good deal to us!

Apple Juice Productions promise that all of our favorite Gryffindors will be back for the wedding, but only if they raise $5,000 by May 18. They are currently about a third of the way there, so here’s hoping the Potter fandom steps up to the plate and pitches in. Not to get too political, but if you’re going to buy a ticket to Crimes of Grindelwald this November, you may want to consider financially supporting Potter films that are actually about empowering women.

To find out more, go to Apple Juice Productions’ website. Are you looking forward to seeing James and Lily’s wedding come June?

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