by Irvin K

Thank your godly parents because our prayers have been answered!

After weeks (months?) of cajoling by fans, it has been announced that The Lightning Thief musical will receive a cast recording soundtrack by Broadway Records.

It is due to be released on June 30. It will ship worldwide, and will be available on iTunes. You can pre-order it here for $14.99. You can also tack on the show’s snazzy t-shirt for $25 more.

Here is the cast officially announcing it:

At long last, we can set the “Campfire Song” as our ringtone, listen to “My Grand Plan” when we need to feel good, belt along to “DOA,” and have a good cry at “Tree on the Hill” whenever we feel like it.

You can hear a preview of one of the musical’s signature songs in the following video, sung by Percy Jackson himself (Chris McCarrell).

As we wrote in our review, we can’t get enough of this show! This writer went to see it again yesterday, and the thrill just doesn’t wear off. We anticipate listening to this cast recording a lot.

Lightning Thief musical soundtrack album art

The Lightning Thief is playing at the Lucille Lortel Theatre through May 6, and has $30 rush tickets available the day of. For more information, visit their website.

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