11:15 am EST, February 29, 2016

16 ways the internet lost its shit over Leo winning an Oscar

We never let go of our dreams.

Leonardo DiCaprio finally won an Oscar at the 88th Academy Awards, and we diehard Leo fans celebrated online big time.

Those of us who fell in love with Leo way back during the Titanic era — or even earlier with movies like What’s Eating Gilbert Grape or Romeo + Juliet — have been waiting for years to see Leo get the recognition he deserves. In fact, this GIF from Titanic has never been more appropriate:

We’re no longer waiting. Leo finally won his Oscar on February 28, 2016 for his role in The Revenant:


We watched Kate watch bae win his Oscar:

Then we watched Leo get his Oscar engraved — Poor baby’s so new to this!


We were all Oprah in our PJs last night:

Some of us took the celebrations to an (appropriate) extreme:


Christ, even Jesus was impressed:

In fact, it was such a happy moment for the internet that it topped Ellen’s epic Oscar selfie:

The internet quickly got on their grind to celebrate the occasion:



Titanic was re-envisioned:


The internet gave Leo his Dobby moment:


And we updated his Facebook page on his behalf:


We re-wrote history a bit:


Leo’s Oscar launched its own Twitter account:

In the real world, cupcakes were created:

We are a supportive household.

A photo posted by Katie (@kf0sho) on

And gravestones were erected:


Congrats Leo!


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