6:08 am EDT, June 22, 2015

Leonard Nimoy’s son crowdfunding ‘For the Love of Spock’ documentary

Would this be a... Spockumentary?

Adam Nimoy, son of the late Leonard Nimoy, wants to make a documentary about the beloved Star Trek actor, and his most iconic role.

Yesterday was Father’s Day, but not everyone got to celebrate. Adam Nimoy lost his dad Leonard Nimoy last year, when the 83-year-old Star Trek vet passed away after suffering from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

Before the elder Nimoy died, the pair were actually working on a project together: a documentary, which was set to explore Leonard Nimoy’s career, with a particular focus on the life and legend of his most famous character, Mr. Spock.

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Nimoy originated the iconic Star Trek character in the 1960s, and would reprise the role through to the 2009 revival movie.

He adopted Spock’s classic Vulcan hand-sign and salute, “Live long and prosper.” Nimoy was known for signing his tweets with the “LLAP” acronym (and he did, indeed, live long and prosper).

Although Leonard has passed away, Adam’s work on the documentary continues.

Adam Nimoy tells The Wrap, “The idea is really to explore who Spock is and why he resonates. What is it about him that has inspired people, that people have walked into, that has touched so many people, passionately, about Mr. Spock.”

Adam considers himself, “the first Trekkie,” saying, “I was totally into the show before it even aired” due to his father’s involvement.

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The Spockumentary, officially titled For the Love of Spock, will be narrated by Zachary Quinto, who of course succeeded Leonard Nimoy as Spock in the new film series. It will also feature interviews with Nimoy’s co-stars William Shatner, George Takei and Walter Koenig.

The Kickstarter for this project still needs your help, however. Adam Nimoy is not quite at goal yet, having at this time raised just over $400,000, with a target of $600,000.

(Note: apparently they like calling it the “Spock Doc.” We’re still kind of set on “Spockumentary.”)

Head on over to Kickstarter to find out more about the movie, and their Trekkie-friendly perks!

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