‘Legion’ renewed for season 2 on FX

6:05 pm EDT, March 15, 2017

Legion fans rejoice! We’re getting a second season of the Dan Stevens-led Marvel/Fox team-up show that has everyone scratching their heads.

When Legion first premiered on FX it caught everyone’s attention. Not only is the show, created by Noah Hawley, absolutely stunning to watch and incredibly well-acted, it provides a glimpse into a corner of the X-Men universe we haven’t seen before.

Legion season 1 has so far followed David Haller from the bowels of a psychiatric ward to a hidden mansion where he attempts to learn about his mutant powers.

Deadline reports that FX has given the series a greenlight for season 2 ahead of the conclusion of the first eight episodes.

There isn’t much more information as of yet, but Deadline does mention hearing rumors that the series will return in early 2018 and probably have at least eight more episodes for us.

I love the way they’ve condensed the story into a shorter run, and I hope the network won’t try to stretch the series thinner than is necessary.

Marvel and Fox continue to play nice, both praising the merits of the show and both excited to see Legion return next year.

Are you excited ‘Legion’ season 2 is happening?

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