Legion season 1 wrapped up its final episode on March 29. Watch the after credits scene again and let us know your theories in the comments.

The Legion season 1 finale saw the end of David’s possession by the Shadow King, but the beginning of its possession of Oliver Bird. The battle has been won for our favorite mutants, but the war is far from over.

Following the end of “Chapter 8,” an after credits scene played much like we’d see following the final moments of any X-Men movie in the theater. David and Syd were sharing a calm, light moment together, but it was soon snatched away from them. Check out the clip below:

David can tell that Oliver and the Shadow King (still appearing as Lenny, thank God — we need Aubrey Plaza to stick around) are heading South, but that information is not celebrated for long before he’s scanned and captured by a cylindrical drone.

A lot of people’s initial thoughts about who could be stealing David revolve around the government branch Division. They know how powerful David is and want to either kill him or study him. Now that they know where Ms. Bird and the rest of her team are holed up, it makes sense that they’d send something after the most powerful mutant they’d ever encountered.

Then again, there’s no real indication that this was Division at all. So, if it wasn’t them, who was it? It’s difficult to even begin guessing, unfortunately, because the Legion writers could tap nearly anybody from the vast X-Men universe to come in and complicate the story even further for our heroes.

Do you have any theories as to who could’ve kidnapped David? Let us know!

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