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Exclusive: ‘Legends of Tomorrow’s’ Caity Lotz teases Sara Lance’s journey and season 5’s new villains, Encores

The Legends of Tomorrow season 5 premiere is absolutely ridiculous, in the best way possible. Read our spoiler-free review and teases!

On Legends of Tomorrow season 5, episode 1, the Legends are unaware of their new reality on the Waverider, with Behrad Tarazi in Zari’s place on the team, while Sara begins to deal with the “Crisis” aftermath.

Legends of Tomorrow season 5, episode 1, begins during the end stages of “Crisis on Infinite Earths,” though Sara quickly returns to find what mess her team has gotten themselves into.

Since the Heyworld debacle, the Legends have become celebrities, and their risen social status has put more eyes on them, but that didn’t stop the government from wanting to shut them down.

In order to save their team, and continue to protect the timeline, someone makes a decision to save them… by opening the ship up to a film crew.

How does time travel work when civilians with cameras are aboard the Waverider? In only the most Legends way possible. We had a chance to view the Legends of Tomorrow season 5 premiere early and have put together a few teases about what’s to come! If these teases aren’t your thing, scroll down for our brief, spoiler-free review of the episode and our interview with Caity Lotz!

Legends of Tomorrow season 5 premiere

‘Legends of Tomorrow’ season 5, episode 1 screener secrets

Sara’s continued struggle with Oliver’s death

When Sara returns from the crossover on the Legends of Tomorrow season 5 premiere, Oliver’s death is fresh. She’s clearly upset over losing one of the last people she had from her life before the Waverider.

And if we know anything about Sara, it’s that she’s not one for expressing emotion. So when she arrives and there’s a film crew on-board the Waverider, filming everything they do, let’s just say Sara has a reaction that is very in-character.

However, Sara’s reaction to Oliver’s death is different than her reaction to Laurel’s death. It’s really a great way to show her growth over the last several years, and Ava plays a big part in that.

Speaking of Ava, when Legends of Tomorrow season 5, episode 1 picks up, Ava is living on the Waverider after the Time Bureau was disbanded, and her relationship with Sara is struggling due to a few choices she makes.

The magic continues

With Constantine still around, still casting spells, and even performing another exorcism, of course the magical element of Legends of Tomorrow is sticking around. However, it expands beyond him, again. The Legends are facing souls from hell that have come back to Earth and are, in many ways, indestructable.

On this episode, the Legends face off against Grigori Rasputin, a Russian man whose actions in the early 20th century led to him being assassinated. And due to his terrible reputation that helped discredit the government, a few weeks later, the Romanov dynasty was overthrown.

Legends of Tomorrow season 5, episode 1

Zari and Charlie

For those hoping to see much of Zari and Charlie on this episode, well, you’re going to be disappointed. Both are in the episode, that can be confirmed.

As for Zari, though the team doesn’t recall her ever being aboard the Waverider because in this timeline it has always been Behrad with them, someone begins to remember the person they’ve lost…

As for Charlie, she may have my favorite scene in the episode. She does something that is just perfect, funny, and really captures exactly who Charlie is. I absolutely loved it, and it’s worth it even though we don’t get to see very much of her.

‘Legends of Tomorrow’ season 5, episode 1 spoiler-free review

This episode is the epitome of everything the series is about. Comedy, ridiculous drama, and let’s not forget the fourth wall breaks about the crossover, of which there are many within this episode.

While it didn’t feel so much like a premiere to me, it’s understandable because the characters who participated in the crossover are coming in directly from that grueling, life-changing experience… probably wouldn’t be the best time to spring something on them (like, say, a film crew).

If you love Legends for doing what it does best, this will be the perfect episode for you. There’s such a great balance between all of the characters that are in the episode, and it’s just lovely to see this show still going so strong after four seasons.

Interview with Caity Lotz (Sara Lance)

Hypable: After being Sara for almost seven years now, what has been the most surprising and the most satisfying part of this journey for you?

Caity Lotz: Surprising? I was always surprised. You never know where any of this stuff is going.

I think it was really cool for me to go from a character that was on Arrow [to finding] myself in a leadership position, I think, was really cool. When I came onto Legends, it wasn’t that way. Sara wasn’t captain at first. Watching that kind of unfold, her step into that leadership position, was really satisfying and very cool.

When Sara first became a vigilante, it was to channel her darkness into something good. After everything she’s been through on both Arrow and Legends, what do you think is keeping Sara on the Waverider? What’s driving her currently as a hero?

I think it’s [that] she doesn’t know or have anything else, especially with Oliver gone. Her sister is gone. Her family is gone. Oliver is gone. I don’t know if she even has a life to go back to.

I think that’s kind of the beautiful thing though. She’s building a new one with Ava and she has her team, which has kind of become her family. I think that’s really the reason why she stays. It’s all she knows. The Legends have become her family. She’s in love. She’s pretty happy where she is at.

What can you tease about Sara and Ava’s relationship when [Legends of Tomorrow season 5] picks up now that they’ve moved in together on the Waverider?

They’re figuring it out. I think it’s nice for Sara to have Ava on the ship. Ava is also a boss lady. I think it’s nice for her to have somebody else to kind of delegate some of the responsibilities and help her out, dealing with everything. She makes a good partner in that way for sure.

How would describe Sara’s mindset going into [the season]?

She’s kind of hot off the crossover madness. I wouldn’t say that she is in the best mindset. Having just lost Oliver and seeing all the stuff that they went through was a lot for her to process. Sara, in the first episode when she comes back, she is quite surprised to find out what has been happening in her leave.

The fans have been teased about Sara’s magical illness that [will leave] her with a superpower. Are you excited to finally get a superpower of your own?

The superpower doesn’t come ’til much later. I would say it was not what I was expecting. It definitely was a bit of a challenge. I don’t know how to answer that one.

How is the team dynamic now with Zari gone and her once-dead-now-alive brother taking her place and the team being unaware of that?

For the Legends, they don’t know any other way. It’s not, to them, [like] it’s a new person. Behrad had been there since Zari was there for them. All the memories that they had created with Zari, now it’s as if they were with him. They’re unaware of the switch, if that makes sense.

How did you feel seeing Sara step up to become basically the leader of the Arrow-verse after Oliver’s death, and what do you think makes her good for this role?

I think Sara is used to leading a team, a team of very different people. Everyone’s so different. She kind of [brings] them all together. She’s seen a lot and knows how to keep a cool head. I think that is what makes her a great leader. Also, I think she’s very democratic in her leadership. She understands where she has weaknesses or when other people can step up and be better than her. I think she runs things pretty much without an ego, which really helps a lot.

What was your favorite moment or scene of the crossover?

I think it was the scene that I shot with Grant, where Sara and Barry are out sitting at a park and they have that heart-to-heart about how Sara is feeling about losing Oliver. It was really nice to do just a nice drama scene. I really enjoyed working with Grant Gustin. He’s awesome. He’s such a sweetheart and a great actor. It was really fun to get to have some scenes together.

Who is one supporting character from Supergirl, The Flash, or Arrow, that you would like to see come aboard the Waverider for an episode or two and interact with?

All of them. It’s always so fun to have everybody come onto the shows… I’m trying to think of [someone] specifically. I don’t know. I want them all to come over and visit us.

Legends of Tomorrow season 5, episode 1

[During “Elseworlds,” we saw] Barry and Oliver switching lives. If you ever have the opportunity to do a crossover like that, which character would you want Sara to switch lives with?

I already got to wear the Supergirl outfit, so I think it would have to be Batwoman. It seems like that would be fun. I like how dark that character is, so that would be Batwoman.

What can you tease about what the Legends are up against this season? What are they doing? What’s their goal this season?

The Legends are facing, what we call, Encores. Basically it’s bad people that are in hell and they are basically getting an encore, a second chance, to come back to earth and cause some damage.

They’re out of place, out of time, and really messing up the timeline. That’s a big part of what this season is about.

Don’t miss the Legends of Tomorrow season 5 premiere airing Tuesday, January 21 at 9 p.m. ET on The CW!

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