Legend of Korra’s Comic-Con panel released some great new info on Book 2 today, which will be called Spirits and takes place six months after book one.

The cast did a table read from book one and it was very interesting to hear them voice the characters on stage. As we mentioned, book 2 will be called Spirits and will include many new characters, including more of Korra’s parents, uncle and Bumi’s sister.

Kya is another new character that will be in Book 2 and is a water bender, with sort of a hippie style. She will have a very special bond with Senna. The creators always imagined that Korra’s father was huge, despite being so gentle in book one.

The creators and the designs they’ve come up with are incredible and will definitely give fans something new to enjoy in the next book. They’re already meeting with the writers to get to work on new designs for book three.

Be sure to check out the Korra live blog from earlier today, to catch additional details we shared as they were announced.

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