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‘Vampire Diaries’ characters we’re most likely to see in CW’s ‘Legacies’

Now that Legacies has officially been announced, we know we’ll be returning to Mystic Falls. The question is, who will still be there?

The Vampire Diaries has already concluded, and The Originals (the show’s original spinoff) will soon be following in its footsteps, ending with its fifth season. Up until recently, we thought we were finished with the stories of Mystic Falls, but it turns out, we don’t have to leave quite yet!

The CW picking up yet another spinoff of The Vampire Diaries, means that we’ll get to keep living in the world that we love. On top of that, Legacies offers the possibility of having some of our favorite characters and locations return.

While it would be possible for almost any of our favorite TVD characters to make an appearance, we’re thinking some are more likely than others. It’s nice to dream that Legacies would basically be a backdoor Delena and Klaroline spinoff, but unfortunately, that’s probably too good to be true.

We’ve put together a ranking of the TVD characters and the likelihood that we’ll see them appear in Legacies. Check it out, and visit this article for more info about The CW’s Legacies.

1. Alaric Saltzman

Luckily, this one is already confirmed! Matt Davis (who plays the former TVD parental figure turned parent) will be a series regular on Legacies. He will likely be featured as both the Head of the Salvatore Boarding School and as the father of Josie and Lizzie.

2. Caroline Forbes

the vampire diaries 8x08, caroline forbes

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Caroline has already made the jump to The Originals and it would make perfect sense for her to appear on Legacies, too! Like Alaric, she is an extremely important figure at the Salvatore Boarding School and in the lives of Josie and Lizzie, as their mother.

Caroline’s presence in the spinoff could depend completely on how The Originals concludes. If Klaroline turns out to be endgame, her future could depend on where Klaus ends up. However, her daughters are the most important thing in her life, so it makes way more sense for her to be on the show than not.

3. Jeremy Gilbert

jeremy gilbert, the vampire diaries 7x13

We saw in The Vampire Diaries series finale that Jeremy ended up teaching at the Salvatore Boarding School, so there’s already a built in place for him in the spinoff. There’s still a lot of Jeremy story to explore now that he’s an adult, so he’d be a great character to have return.

The one reason this might not happen is that Steven R. McQueen started pulling away from TVD long before the other actors. However, he’s now finished with his other show, Chicago Fire, and if his character had a good storyline, he would probably be open to returning.

4. Bonnie Bennett

the vampire diaries 8x10, bonnie bennett

The Salvatore Boarding School is all about helping the next generation of supernatural beings control their powers, and Bonnie Bennett is one of the most powerful characters in the world of TVD. If Hope starts getting too powerful for the school to handle, Caroline and Alaric might have to call in an old friend to help her out.

5. Matt Donovan

Mystic Falls’ resident human just can’t seem to stay away from the supernatural world, and hopefully that’s no different in Legacies. This show seems like it’ll be more supernatural than either of its predecessors, taking place at a school filled with every type of supernatural being, so Matty blue eyes could act as a familiar balance for all the witchy drama.

6. Damon Salvatore

the vampire diaries 8x16, damon salvatore

The school is in Damon’s old house, so maybe he’ll come visit for nostalgia purposes or to help out his bestie, Alaric! They’re both human now, so their dynamic would be different than before, but we’re dying to see it.

Ian Somerhalder has a new vampire series in the works, so he won’t be a regular character, but we’re sure he’d have time for a cameo appearance every once in a while.

7. Elena Gilbert

Elena could accompany her doting husband back to his home, or she could stop by on her own terms to hang out with her vampire gal pal and maybe even her brother! It’s been far too long since we’ve seen a Gilbert bonding moment.

We were severely cheated out of a significant Delena moment in the TVD finale, so if Legacies gave us even a little insight into their life as a married couple, it might make up for it. Maybe there will even be some doppelgänger drama for Elena to get involved in.

Nina Dobrev is a busy girl nowadays, with a new series premiering and a string of movie roles, but she’s always been grateful for TVD, so if Elena was needed to serve a story, she might consider appearing.

8. Stefan Salvatore

the vampire diaries, delena, elena gilbert, damon salvatore<

Sure, this one is unlikely, but this is Mystic Falls! Anything is possible.

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