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Which ‘Legacies’ ship is your favorite?

We are more than halfway through Legacies first season, so it’s probably time we start talking about shipping.

So, which couples have you fallen head over heels for? Which ones are you holding out hope will eventually reveal themselves to be endgame? Who else is hoping that Alaric and Emma start hooking up in season 2? There are so many questions that arise when you start thinking about your favorite ships, and with a new show like Legacies, the possibilities are endless.

So, here are the primary couples we’ve seen interact on screen and what I think might lie in store for them. And I might have added a couple that we’ve only seen in wishes or dreams. Those are bound to come up again.

Hope and Landon

We’re clearly meant to be cheering for these two. Whether we believe they’re endgame or not, they’ve had a short will-they-won’t-they journey in the first half of season 1. Now that they’re officially together, it would be nice to see them take a couple steps toward being a more open and honest couple. They very well could have what it takes to go the distance… if they survive that long of course.

Josie and Rafael

This was definitely set up to be a bit of a love triangle-type situation with Lizzie, but it hasn’t caused too many out-and-out fights so far. I think they’re very cute together, but with the feelings that both of these characters have for other people (and their less-than-passionate first kiss), their romance is probably going to remain short-lived. Who knows, though, maybe there’s more to come for this cute couple.

Lizzie and Rafael

Okay, so if short-lived is the theme, these two are the poster-children. They never really hit it off, and even though they were the first two characters on this show to do the deed (that we’ve seen), it was less romance and more a friend not wanting to abandon a friend in need. Sort of. Of all the couples on this list (including the wish and dreamy ones), I think we’re least likely to see these two ever hook up again.

Josie and Penelope

Dreamy sigh. The passion and fire Josie has for hating Penelope means that this ship has far from sailed. There is definitely a future for these two, we just have to be patient and wait for them to get their act together. Penelope and Josie have a lot of history, and we know the who and why of their breakup. Penelope wants Josie to stop putting Lizzie’s needs above her own and start focusing on building her own happiness. It’s valid and important advice for the quieter Saltzman, but putting that advice into practice isn’t going to be easy. Lizzie is her twin sister after all.

MG and Lizzie

Poor MG. He hasn’t gotten a whole lot of action on the show so far. He has a thing for the fairer Saltzman twin, and does his best to woo her, but ultimately falls short thanks to Lizzie’s crush on Rafael. Hopefully someone else will come along and treat MG right. And who knows, maybe Lizzie needs to see what she’s missing in order to be drawn to Mystic Falls’ most outspoken feminist. I still think these two crazy kids could work, but it’s gonna take some time to see if there’s anything more than friendship in their future.

Josie and Hope

We haven’t seen these two progress much beyond friendship at this point in reality, but they’ve definitely done the flirtmance pretty hard in Lizzie’s wish-verse. This is one of those ships that could go either way for me. I would love to see them give it a chance. I would also love to see them be the very best of friends and never go beyond platonic love. Only time (and maybe season 2) will tell.

MG and Penelope

Friends, friends, friends, friends, friends, friends, friends. This one looks to be sunk, but who knows. Stranger things have happened in the TVD-Universe. They don’t strike me as a great pair for romance, especially since both of them are crushing hard on other people. Never say never I guess, but out of all of these couples, I’d say this one is destined to stay platonic.

Hope and Rafael

I have mixed feelings about these two. After the events of 1×09, “What Was Hope Doing in Your Dreams?”, I know that they are trying to lead us to believe that Raphael has feelings for Hope. I really don’t want to see a Landon/Hope/Raphael love triangle. I want Hope and Raphael to be the best of friends (you can read more about that here), so maybe I’m biased, but it just feels like too much to have them addressing their feelings for each other on top of all the other pairings as well.

Alaric and Emma

All aboard! I know that Alaric has far too much on his plate right now to even think about romance, but I’m already pulling for these two, and I feel like I will be for a very long time. They are basically the only two adults on the show, so it’s maybe just lack of options for Alaric, but I want him to be as happy as he can possibly be. He has built this school and is constantly fighting for the children that call it home. He has two lovely daughters who he treasures more than any riches he could accumulate. He has so much, but ultimately, I want to see him with someone who just wants to support and love him for the good guy he is. We haven’t seen much of Emma yet, but what we have seen definitely points toward her being capable of that kind of love. Hopefully there is lots more to come for our resident adults.

Who are you shipping so far in ‘Legacies’ season 1?

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