3:00 pm EST, February 26, 2020

Every time a ‘Legacies’ actor gets a new gig I worry more and more

It can’t bode well for a human character, right? And I’m worried that our new favorite witch might be next on the chopping block thanks to another great Legacies actor getting a new job offer.

Legacies season 2 is literally bursting with new characters. Seeing as this is a supernatural TV show whose predecessors killed characters off by the dozen (at least in the later seasons), I would say we’ll say goodbye to at least half of these newbies before the closing seconds of Legacies season 2, episode 20.

The new characters we’ve met this season include: Sebastian, Alyssa Chang, Maya, Ethan, Sheriff Mac, Jade, Kym, Vardemus, Wade, Diego, Wendy, and Chad.

I mean, come on. That’s a HELL of a lot of new faces to keep around longer than one season. Despite the fact that I don’t want to say goodbye to, like, 90% of them, I have a very bad feeling that a couple of these characters’ days are definitely numbered.

You may be debating with yourself why one character stands out more than the others, and that’s totally understandable, especially as we grow attached to these new, friendly faces.

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My worry first started because Leo Howard, the Legacies actor who plays our wholesome footballer Ethan, got himself a new gig in the backdoor pilot for the new The 100 prequel series.

While he doesn’t appear to have a series regular option on the books like the other two newly cast characters, that could easily change if the show gets picked up. So, I can’t help but think that by the end of Legacies season 2, we will probably be short one human.

And as happy as I am for Olivia Liang that she has a new, starring role in the CW’s upcoming Kung Fu pilot (which will hopefully go on to get picked up and be a long, successful series), I can’t help but get worried about Alyssa Chang in all her complicated glory.

I mean, I know she just sent the Saltzmans to a prison world and everything, but she was upset and I already want to forgive her and see her join the Super Squad.

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So, yeah, even though I’m beyond happy to see these actors get great new roles, my Legacies-devoted heart can’t help but freak out a little bit every time I see a new name associated with a new project.

Losing Emma and Penelope at the end of last season to other projects seemed unbearable, but at least those characters are still alive and well after their Legacies actors left.

Maybe the same will be done for Ethan and Alyssa and any other Legacies actors who find themselves up for their dream jobs, but with the TVD/The Originals body counts hanging ominously over the Legacies world, I can’t help but think everyone is doomed.

If the TVD Universe’s history is to be taken into account on Legacies, we’re at least a dozen bodies or so behind the curve. And with all these new characters added in season 2, they’re definitely more at risk than any of our series regulars (even though I refuse to count any of them safe either).

So what do you guys think? Are Ethan and Alyssa Chang doomed because their actors have new roles on the horizon, or do you think they have just as good a chance at survival as anyone else in Mystic Falls?

legacies actor

I think I’m most attached to Alyssa Chang, Wade, and Kym at this point, but its always hard to see any of our recurring characters go. I’m curious if any of them will take the place of The Originals‘ Josh and be the character we are always worried about being in mortal danger, but always finds a way to squeak by with his life at the last minute.

Do you think a new gig for their actors will spell doom for these new ‘Legacies’ characters?

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