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‘Legacies’ 1×14 is a gamechanger, and not because (Spoiler) won Miss Mystic Falls

Legacies 1×14 included: a pageant, a monster, a departure, and a sobfest, and a MAJOR truth reveal was set in motion. Read on for our thoughts on the game-changing episode.

We should probably start with that spoiler warning again.


Okay, now that that’s covered, let’s start with the basics of what went on in this episode, just so we are all on the same page before we get to that big reveal:

-Lizzie didn’t know who gifted Caroline that dress after all.😞
-Hope is officially the reigning Miss Mystic Falls.
-Apparently there are still Gorgons left in the world.
-Penelope Park is leaving the Salvatore School and moving to Belgium.
-Landon learns that Hope’s been lying to him.
-Penelope has been (ingeniously) reading everyone’s diaries.
-Landon is kidnapped… by M.G.’s mom… who WORKS FOR TRIAD!

And now we really need to talk about that huge bomb that is about to be dropped on the Saltzman twins.

Josie is just a journal entry away from learning about the Merge on ‘Legacies.’

We knew this was coming, but I REALLY didn’t think it would be this soon.

And to build from the reveal, it sounds like Penelope has known this for quite a while. I mean, think back to all the coaching she’s been giving Josie all season, trying to get her to stand up to Lizzie, take control of her own destiny, and to stop deferring everything to what Lizzie wants. She has been trying to save Josie’s life. If you ever needed proof that Penelope Park still loves Josie Saltzman, there it is.

I mean, we don’t know that Josie would lose. We haven’t seen the twins using their magic very often. Just because Lizzie gets all the attention doesn’t mean she is the ‘stronger’ twin. The only real reason we believe that Lizzie would survive at this point is because of what the jinni told Lizzie in her alt-worlds. But was our jinni really a reliable narrator? Does she really know that Josie is the weaker twin or was she just trying to manipulate Lizzie into handing over the urn?

It’s important to acknowledge that it would be perfectly fair to make the “but why didn’t Penelope tell Josie sooner” argument, but since she was using her top secret spy-spelled equipment to stay in-the-know about Josie’s inner thoughts and feelings, too, telling Josie about the Merge earlier would have revealed her source a little too soon.

Anyway, I think we can count on this being a major factor in the next episode. Along with Landon being in Agent Clark’s clutches and M.G.’s mom being an agent of Triad and all the other craziness we learned in Legacies season 1, episode 14, “Let’s Just Finish The Dance.”

I think I’m most interested to see how Alaric explains his secret-keeping to the girls, and to see how they explain Caroline’s continued absence at one of the most emotionally turbulent times in their girls’ lives.

That is, IF Josie reads it. Will she take Penelope’s advice and use her master log of journal entries to learn the truth? Or will she tuck that tome away and play the avoidance game? I really hope she is anxious to learn the truth and dives right in. With only two episodes left in Legacies season 1, I really want to see how the twins feel about the seemingly inevitable death sentence looming in the not-so-distant future.

Do you think we will see the Merge fallout on ‘Legacies’ 1×15 next week?

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