If we could have read this headline ten years ago, we probably would have cryogenically frozen ourselves.

What are you doing at midnight on May 3? After we reported that the latest trailer for The Dark Knight Rises would be showing up before The Avengers it seemed that every nerd would be making the journey to their nearest cinema to achieve nerd nirvana. Well we now have an announcement that just adds another mini cherry on top of the regular sized cherry that is the chocolate fudge sunday of this midnight premiere.

According to an interview with Marc Webb on Attack of the Show (via CBM), it seems that we can go ahead and add Spidey to the line-up of superhero goodness.

According to Webb, the trailer will be aired before The Avengers, but we can expect to see it online “sometime next Thursday.”

We’ve never imagined the opportunity to see more superheroes in a single night! Do we smell a Man of Steel teaser?

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