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Twelve really, really, super last-minute, fun fandom costumes

Last minute Halloween party caught you by surprise? Hypable is here to save you from humiliation!

Halloween procrastinator? These twelve quick and easy fandom costumes can be put together in ten minutes or less with items found in your own home! Do we sound like an infomercial yet? Great!

And this Halloween, as you’re stumbling out your door from a self-inflicted sugar rush, you can be sure that by following our tips, you’ll have the absolute very best, lazy, mediocre costume out this fright night.

’The Vampire Diaries’

Vampire Diaries costumes

Bonnie and Damon stuck in the ’90s

We’re loving the Bonnie/Damon bromance spin-off that’s happening this season on The Vampire Diaries, so what better excuse to pop out those Full House inspired overalls* than to celebrate our favorite frenemies?

Pulling off the ’90s Bonnie and Damon look is easy: Wear flannel. Drink bourbon. Obsess over a crossword puzzle. Bake pancakes. Bicker. Repeat.

*Make sure you leave your overalls unbuttoned. DJ Tanner says it’s all the rage.

‘Sleepy Hollow’

Headless Sleepy Hollow costume


The Headless Horseman is pretty fly for a decapitated guy.

To channel his inner essence, grab your Carmen Sandiego jacket out of your closet (remember, he’s a Redcoat, so you need a RED COAT) and then just pull it over your head. Don’t worry about your lack of vision! You don’t need to see: YOU ARE DEATH.

Strap on some boots to stomp around in angrily as you DEMAND Katrina love you. Grab a wooden stick from your backyard and use tin foil to fashion yourself a little ax, then wave it around and around because NOBODY CAN STOP YOU NOW!

‘The Hunger Games’

Tribute village costume

The Victors in Victor’s Village

Basically, the only essential wardrobe piece you’ll really need is a look of utter misery.

For this costume, what you’re wearing is less important than how you’re wearing it. When it comes to effectively portraying Moody Katniss, Baking Peeta, and Drunk Haymitch, attitude is everything!

Katniss needs her side-braid obviously, because she needs it to hunt, so just let her hunt, she just wants to hunt – (if you want to carry around “dead” stuffed animals, that’s optional.) Peeta needs a sexy man-apron and lots and LOTS of bread, because he’s baking his guilt away. Haymitch just needs liquor, because he’s drunk.


Arrow costume

The Arrow

Grab your green hoodie! Now, paint raccoon circles around your eyes a la Jenny Humphrey. Extra eye shadow and eyeliner is a must. Don’t forget your broody attitude. You are very rich and very miserable.

‘The Lord of the Rings’

Frodo costume

Frodo with The Ring

Step one: Find a ring.
Step two: Find a piece of string.
Step three: Loop the ring through the string and make a necklace.
Step four: Put on the ring-necklace so you can safely carry The Ring!
Step five: Put on your fuzzy, furry slippers so you can have hairy feet.
Step six: If you don’t have any slippers, you can alternatively cut off a chunk of your hair and glue it onto your feet.

’Star Wars’

Princess Leia Costume

Princess Leia

Throw a white bedsheet over your head and wrap a rope around your waist.

The donut buns on the side of her head are super important, so you can either use styrofoam to secure your own hair in place, or just strap on some giant, oversized headphones and call it a day.

Harry Potter

Whomping Willow costume

The Whomping Willow

You need a solid trunk, so find all of your brown clothes and put them on! If you’re feeling extra adventurous, crumple up brown butcher paper and attach it to your clothes for texture.

Go outside and roll around in a pile of leaves (it’s autumn!) and see how many stick to your hair. If that doesn’t work, try pinning them on with safety pins.

Finally, grab a toy car and wail around your arms wildly.

’Gossip Girl

Gossip Girl costume

Prep School’s B & S

Time to drag your high school uniform out from the back of your closet! For both girls, a plaid, pleated skirt is a must, and though Blair likes to top off her outfit with a clean blazer, Serena prefers a light, breezy sweater that she can quickly stuff in her backpack when she sneaks off to hook up with her best friend’s boyfriend. We kid! We’re so over it! XOXO, S!

As Blair, you’ll want to look as prim and polished as possible, with modest, feminine tights, and a fabulous statement headband. With Serena, you can opt for a more bohemian Olsen twin vibe. Let your tie hang loose! You’re too cool for school! And make sure to shake out your hair so that it’s the perfect blend between Cover Girl chic and aspiring porn star.

’Boy Meets World’

Cory and Topanga costume

7th Grade Cory and Topanga

Ah, young love. Boy Meets World aficionados will remember the season 1 episode, “Cory’s Alternative Friends,” as the one which contains the famous scene where Cory first falls in love with his kooky classmate as she interpretatively dances along to a poem.

Seventh grade Cory is easy enough to pull off – he’s basically the walking embodiment of all the worst elements of your closet. Little boy shorts, sneakers, and a ’90s hoodie to compliment your baseball cap are all you really need.

For seventh grade Topanga, tease your hair to within an inch of it’s life, and then put on the most ethereal dress in your closet. This may very well be a nightgown: that’s fine. Pair this with combat boots. And of course, don’t forget to smear lipstick all over your face.

’Game of Thrones’

Purple wedding

Dead King Joffrey

Grab the eyeshadow and color your WHOLE ENTIRE FACE purple. Because it’s the PURPLE wedding, guys. Add some popping veins in with eyeliner for emphasis.

Do you have a Burger King crown hanging around? BK crowns have a perfectly-blended vibe of dead stag and constipated lion. Have it your way! Pipe cleaners are also acceptable alternatives. Finally, drape a silky soft sheet around your body as your royal fancy cloak.

Arya’s Prayer

Weese, and Dunsen, and Chiswick, oh my! As Arya’s Prayer – THE PRAYER OF DEATH – dress yourself in black and use a mix of eyeliner and magic markers to write Arya’s very unlucky chosen names ALL OVER YOUR BODY. Then follow up by insisting you only speak in whispers for the rest of the night.

Lord Stark

You know that white, fur bathmat you have lying in your bathroom? Pick it up, and drape it over your shoulders. Congratulations, now all you need is your giant tin foil sword to be the Lord of Winterfell. It’s almost November! So warn everyone that WINTER IS COMING.

What’s been your best scramble-at-the-last-minute fandom Halloween costume?

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