Lady Gaga is back in business with her new single “Applause” coming out on August 19. The pop icon just announced that the music video for the single will be released the same day.

In a post on Lady Gaga’s official Facebook page, the singer posted what are assumed to be some of the lyrics to “Applause,” a description of what exactly the ARTPOP app will be and announcing that the official music video will be released on the same day as the single:

“give me that thing that I love
put your hands up make ’em touch

The ARTPOP app is Free, available in App Stores on your device. You can purchase the music through the ARTPOP app once it’s downloaded. Or you can purchase the album at the music store+download the free app separately at the app store. The App is Available Worldwide. The APP is in essence, an interactive jewel case.

The single ‘Applause’ and its MUSIC VIDEO will BOTH debut on same day. ARTPOP. 8/19 -GAGA”

Earlier this week we shared comments from Mother Monster when she explained what the song “Applause” is all about. “It’s full of happiness,” she said.

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