This week Kristen Stewart hosted SNL with musical guest Alessia Cara. Melissa McCarthy also stopped by for what will surely be a new iconic political impression.

Kristen Stewart Cold Open

Kristen Stewart’s opening monologue was going just as planned. Aidy Bryant and Kate McKinnon joined her on stage for some comical banter. Then Kristen Stewart announced that she was “super gay” and dropped an F bomb. Stewart recovered from the slip very well, making a joke that she would never come back to SNL after that. Watch the hilarious moment below, though as you might expect, the word was censored.

Totinos Pizza Rolls

In a digital sketch, Kristen Stewart played a woman woo’ing an otherwise typical housewife played by Vanessa Bayer. The Totino’s pizza roll character showed a whole new side of her!

Melissa McCarthy as White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer

Melissa McCarthy dropped by in a surprise cameo to portray rambunctious White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer. It looks like SNL has found yet another perfect political impression to bring back to the show.

Alessia Cara Performs

Alessia Cara performed the songs “River of Tears” and “Scars To Your Beautiful” on this week’s episode as well. Check out her powerful performances.

Coming up on ‘SNL’

Consider Alec Baldwin’s cameos as the appetizers. Next week the SNL legend and Trump impressionist will have an entire show to make fun of the current President. Baldwin will host alongside musical guest Ed Sheeran.

What was your favorite ‘SNL’ sketch of the night?

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