12:15 pm EST, February 6, 2019

Hidden ‘Kingdom Hearts 3’ trick revolutionizes combat

If you read all of the Kingdom Hearts 3 tutorials (Who does that?), you may have caught this simple trick that will change the way you will approach combat.

In Kingdom Hearts 3, players have access to a plethora of battle options. From magic spells to links to team attacks to situation commands, there is no limit to the versatility of Sora’s moves in the latest numbered title of the Disney/Square Enix RPG. If you’re finding yourself a little overwhelmed with all of the options at hand, then you’ll really appreciate this Kingdom Hearts 3 trick that has made my playthrough just that much easier (the game is already very easy on all difficulties).

This seemingly hidden Kingdom Hearts 3 trick involves the function of the situation commands. The situation commands control pretty much everything that reaction commands did in Kingdom Hearts 2, and then some. In this game, they control how you do everything from opening up chests, to triggering team attacks, to activating Keyblade transformations.

By now, you’re likely well into your KH3 playthrough, and chances are, you’ve become really frustrated that you are forced to use the situation commands sequentially. That is, if you are in a Keyblade transformation and you want to both not use your finisher and also use a team attack, you’re SOL… or are you?

If you want to save your powerful finishers for things like attractions and Keyblade transformations, it turns out, the developers thought of a way to naturally allow you to, albeit in a function that isn’t exactly all that intuitive.

Twitter users are discovering a basic technique that allows you to scroll through your menu options for the triangle (Y button on Xbox One) commands. By simply pressing L2 (Left Trigger on Xbox One), you are able to pick and choose which situation command you want to use. This functionality was revealed by a Kingdom Hearts fansite back in 2018, but it seems like most have forgotten about it by now.

Word of the Kingdom Hearts 3 trick is spreading like wildfire on Twitter, with most users sharing that it’s something they never thought others would have thought of.

As for this last one, *raises hand* guilty as charged.

What is a ‘Kingdom Hearts 3’ trick that you think other fans should know about?

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