Legendary Pictures and Warner Bros. have officially revealed plans to make a movie featuring King Kong fighting Godzilla, as they move their Kong: Skull Island film from Universal to Warner Bros.

In some pretty exciting news, Warner Bros. and Legendary are planning to put King Kong and Godzilla in a movie together, and having the two monsters battle it out.

Kong: Skull Island was originally being developed with Universal and Legendary, but the new report says that the film will be moving to Warner Bros. This is definitely a pretty big move, as these monster movies are quite popular and are important franchises for the studios.

The goal for this move is to get many of the monsters under the same roof, so to speak, which will allow the studios to put all of them in movies going forward. While we won’t be seeing King Kong fight Godzilla soon, the two will be fighting in 2020, after Kong: Skull Island and Godzilla 2 hit theaters.

Godzilla 2 will hit theaters June 8, 2018, and while the film is untitled, King Kong vs Godzilla has a nice ring to it, considering WB is behind Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

Skull Island will feature Loki actor Tom Hiddleston and Brie Larson. John C. Reilly, Sam Jackson are also reportedly in talks to join the film as well.

As for King Kong vs Godzilla, there’s still not a lot of information about the film, except that the two studios are secretly making moves that will allow the rights of the two monsters to be used much easier when a script and director become attached.

Legendary CEO, Thomas Tull said in a press release: “Today, I’m excited to reveal that film was only the beginning of an epic new entertainment universe. As a lifelong fan of these characters, I’ve always wanted to see the ultimate showdown, and today we’re pleased to be announcing that and more.”

Excited about seeing the two historic monsters battling it out on the big screen in 2020?

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