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‘Killing Eve’: The 8 times Villanelle was relatable AF

I also like to cook pasta for my crushes.

Her body count is high, but so is her appetite for munchies. Face it, Villanelle just might be the most relatable character on Killing Eve.

Villanelle is one of the most vicious villain’s on TV right now. She’s volatile, ruthless, and conniving, with countless kills to her name. She’s also super relatable.

Despite being a merciless assassin, there’s so much that’s endearing about Villanelle. She tortures people, she kills people, but she also hates Crocs, so she can’t be that bad, right?

Deep down, underneath the layers of blood bodies, she’s just like you and me. There’s so much about her that anyone can relate to, so let’s take a look at all the reasons Villanelle is really just your average 20-something woman.

Every time she’s bored

Villanelle is a first-rate assassin, and you would assume that patience is an important trait to have in a profession like that. It would appear that Villanelle’s patience extends only as far as her job.

When Konstantin takes Villanelle to a museum, the only reaction the art can bring out of Villanelle is boredom. At the very least, it did create a large reaction, as she very loudly proclaimed her boredom.

Let’s also not forget every time she’s bored in a car with Konstantin. Who hasn’t played with the glove box, poorly sung along to 80s music, or fogged up the window to write stuff and draw pictures?

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When she ran over her ex

Everyone has a bad ex, someone they’d be happy to never see again. Sometimes, you may have even imagined running them over. But Villanelle is a take-action kind of woman, and just imagining something isn’t satisfactory enough.

In “Sorry Baby,” Villanelle is forced to work with Diego and Nadia, her ex-lover. Things clearly didn’t end well between the two of them, and it would seem Villanelle never got the closure she needed.

At the end of the job, Villanelle ends up running Nadia over (twice) with a truck. She made everyone’s fantasy a reality.

When she gagged putting on Crocs

Villanelle loves the finer things in life, particularly when it comes to her wardrobe.

She has all kinds of outfits for all kinds of occasions, various costumes for various characters, but her personal choices are always high-end and stylish. It’s no surprise then that Villanelle has such visceral reactions to less fashion-forward pieces.

In Killing Eve season 2, episode 1, Villanelle gets herself to a hospital after Eve stabbed her in the season 1 finale. Of course she goes undercover, changing into a doctor’s coat she finds, as well as a pair of used hospital slippers, not dissimilar to Crocs.

Villanelle, unaccustomed to such attire, visibly gags before putting them on. Nobody wants to wear somebody’s worn shoes, especially not barefoot.

And nobody wants to wear Croc lookalikes. No offence to those who wear Crocs, we get it, they’re comfy, but there’s really no excuse for how they look.

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Similarly, when Villanelle visits Eve in her home for the first time, she can’t help but comment on what Eve is wearing. After being doused in the shower, Eve is left cold and shivering, and puts on a sweater before serving Villanelle.

It’s not exactly a fashionable sweater, and Villanelle is incapable of biting her tongue. Through a grimace, she asks Eve if her shirt is attached to her sweater. Sometimes you just have to let your friends know when they’re making the wrong choice.

When she overdressed for the occasion

We’ve all been there: You’re invited to some event and you don’t know the dress code. Is it formal, informal, business casual…? And then when you arrive, you realize you guessed wrong, being underdressed or overdressed. Villanelle knows the feeling.

In the second episode of Killing Eve, Konstantin wants Villanelle to have a psych assessment before giving her the next assignment. She begrudgingly does it, and does it with flair.

She attends her evaluation in a flouncy and frilly pink tulle dress, more befitting a prom. Of course, the one difference in this situation is that Villanelle probably wasn’t at all embarrassed by her excessive ensemble.

When she was jealous of her crush’s new crush

Villanelle may be a psychopath, but she gets jealous just the same as you and me. Even unstable assassins don’t like when their crush takes an interest in someone else.

In Killing Eve season 2, a new assassin is introduced, rivaling Villanelle. As such, Eve’s focus shifts from Villanelle to this new killer, dubbed The Ghost.

In “The Hungry Caterpillar,” Villanelle finds out about the new woman in Eve’s life, and she doesn’t take the news well. When Konstantin tells Villanelle that Eve has taken an interest in The Ghost now, Villanelle’s chipper mood immediately turns sulky.

She kills someone later just to try and get Eve’s attention again. You can’t blame her though. Who hasn’t done something dramatic to get their crush’s attention?

Whenever she’s around children

Let’s face it, not everyone is great with children. Some of us have less tolerance for them than others. Villanelle is clearly one of those people, with perhaps less patience than most.

We’re first introduced to Villanelle in Killing Eve season 1, episode 1, by seeing her knock a little girl’s ice cream bowl into her lap. It appeared unprovoked, which quickly sets up what kind of person Villanelle is.

We see Villanelle interact with a slightly older child later that season, Konstantin’s daughter. Irina, like many kids, is quite chatty. A little too chatty for Villanelle’s patience, who ends up pointing a gun on Irina in a screaming match.

Fortunately, like many children, Irina is easily appeased with food. Likewise, Villanelle can also be calmed down with food.

Every time she snacks

It’s not one particular moment out of the whole of Killing Eve, more like one particular moment each episode. What’s perhaps Villanelle’s most relatable trait is how much she likes to eat snacks.

We’ve seen her eat burritos, shepherd’s pie, hagelslag, apples, burgers, pasta, and various candies, just to name a few. Though judging by the amount of times we’ve seen her eating it, we can assume ice cream is her favorite snack.

Same Villanelle. Same.

Impressing a date with food

One of the most common date ideas is going out to eat, and one of the most universal ways to impress someone you like is to cook for them.

Villanelle may not be your average person, nor does she often express herself in an average way, but she does at least understand the idea of eating together as a way to bond.

During one of her only interactions with Nico, Villanelle takes the opportunity to ask him for his shepherd’s pie recipe. It was this meal that Eve served Villanelle when they first met. Romantic, is it not?

Then in the Killing Eve season 2 finale, Eve and Villanelle have a “bonding” experience, leading to Villanelle believing them to be closer than ever.

Her reaction?

To ask Eve what she’d like for dinner, and she’ll make it for her. You really do work up an appetite killing people. 

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