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Why ‘Eye Candy’s’ Kiersey Clemons is on her way to stardom

We discuss Eye Candy’s Kiersey Clemons, her latest projects, and why she’s on her way to stardom.

If you’re over 20, chances are you probably don’t know Kiersey Clemons by name. But we’re here to tell you why exactly that needs to change — and quickly.

Like so many before her, she got her start at Disney, guest appearing in shows like Shake It Up, Good Luck Charlie, and Austin & Ally. Though, to be frank, it’s hard to imagine this edgy, thoughtful, independent young girl lasting long if she had stayed in Disney’s clutches for an extended amount of time. Or if God forbid she had arrived at the network any younger than 16.

Fortunately, it seems as though she broke into the scene at just the right time: young enough to get a hands-on education about how television and movies are made but old enough to have a bit of her identity firmly in grasp. And it seems as though those two things are making a huge impact on her career.

But why exactly do you need to keep an eye out on this new Hollywood starlet? Well let’s take a look at her most recent projects, shall we?


transparent-Kiersey Clemons

First up is Transparent. If you haven’t heard of this Amazon original series, then congratulations! You have successfully survived hibernation and we welcome you back into the world with this explanation. Transparent is inspired by the true story of a man who comes out to his ex-wife and adult children as transgender. The show explores a whole host of questions about personal and sexual identity, attraction, family bonds, life, love, and how we can truly accept those who we interact with each day. Including ourselves.

Basically, it’s a huge deal. Not only is it a progressive TV series that is shining a light on an underrepresented minority, but it’s also just quality programming. This year Transparent won a Golden Globe for Best Television Series — Musical or Comedy, and lead actor Jeffrey Tambor won Best Actor in the same category.

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Within the series, Clemons has a smaller role but one that is intriguing from the start. She plays Bianca, an ex-stepchild to the unconventional family the story focuses on. Up for a good time and a bit of a troublemaker, Clemons’ character ultimately has a large heart and wants to do the right thing. Nice, right? Her recurring role is delightful, and if rumors are correct, her part may be growing come next season. So if you want to get a taste of just how talented this young actress is, make sure you break into your Amazon Prime account and give this show a try.


One successful inventive project clearly isn’t enough for this budding star because Clemons now finds herself attached to a super buzzworthy indie flick called Dope.

The Forest Whitaker and Pharrell Williams produced drama only premiered at Sundance this past week. And after a fierce bidding war, it’s gained a lot of attention by outside press. Ultimatly, Open Road and TWC picked up the movie for an impressive $7 million.

The film itself is based on a gang-infested neighborhood of Inglewood, California where a high school geek is trying to get into Harvard while dodging drug dealers and other obstacles. Clemons plays one of those nerdy teens who is desperately trying to stay alive long enough to escape the neighborhood she’s stuck in.

Obviously we haven’t seen this film ourselves, but you don’t get tapped by the likes of Forest Whitaker or Pharrell Williams without having some major chops to bring to the table. So, you know, take note.

’Eye Candy’

kiersey clemons eye candy

MTV’s new drama Eye Candy is really just getting started and we don’t have a lot to go on this early in the game. HOWEVER, after only three weeks since its premiere, Clemons’ star is sparkling brighter than ever.

On the show, Kiersey is taking this seemingly superficial, entitled, party girl and turning her into something likable, fun, protective, and smart. Because of the nature of the show, it’s not clear if we’re supposed to trust her character Sophia or not, but the incredible thing is Clemons makes you want to.

The dialogue may suggest that she and Lindy have a close sisterly bond with each other, but from the way she turns a phrase or hangs across the shoulders of her bestie, there’s a current of attachment that maybe runs too deep, causing you to question her every motive and rethink everything she has to say. But you can’t ignore that there’s something really captivating about her character and you almost find yourself not caring if she’s a murderer at all. So much so, that if Sophia is revealed as the killer, it’s going to be a major bummer because eventually she’ll have to leave the show.

But wait — there’s more!

kiersey clemons

Okay, so apart from being an absolutely striking, talented, edgy young woman with a good head on her shoulders, it turns out that Clemons is actually really musically inclined as well. And we don’t mean in a commercial, ‘Let’s put this kid on the radio!’ pop kind of way, either. No, this young talent has been graced with some natural soulful ability.

If you have seen Transparent, then you’ve actually already gotten a peek at what Clemons has to offer vocally. Her character Bianca is starting out on her own musical endeavors and the actress has to possess this skill to accurately portray the role. Which she does effortlessly.

And if that doesn’t grab your attention, maybe the fact that she’s now worked in the studio with Pharrell Williams will. While filming Dope, she teamed up with the award-winning artist to record music for the movie, too. No big deal right? Maybe not. But not too shabby for a 21-year-old who’s just started to break into the business.

Basically, we’re fans and we think you should be too. You don’t get opportunities like this without having the skill to back it up. So we’re really excited to see how Clemons develops her career and what choices she makes in the near future. Because if this is anything to base assumptions on, she has a a long and successful path ahead of her.

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