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Kiera Cass talks Queen Amberly and ending The Selection trilogy (giveaway)

The One by Kiera Cass releases today. As the final novel of the series makes its way into the world, Kiera Cass discusses Amberly and America’s selection processes.

In an exclusive guest post, Kiera Cass discusses Amberly, the regal and kind queen.

As The Selection trilogy comes to a close, one of the things I like to think about the most is how Amberly (the woman who is queen) and America (the girl lots of people hope will be queen) handled their selection process.

These two ladies have a lot in common, actually. They are both from bigger families and fall somewhere in the middle of their birth order. They come from mid to lower castes and are both more charismatic than they know. But after that, things kind of split.

America (though I love her endlessly) is stubborn, jumps to conclusions, and really has no clue how to pick her battles.

But Amberly? Ah, Amberly! She is the embodiment of goodness. Ever the lady, even before her selection process, she is constantly considerate of others. Before she makes a choice, or even speaks, she considers what she had to lose or gain from her actions. She’s also aware of how those things will affect others and will hold back to spare them.

Even in the worst of instances, she’s able to put herself in someone else’s place, and at least attempts to understand other people’s motivations. She is sure that no one is cruel for cruelty’s sake.

Because of that, her one flaw might be that she loves blindly. It’s taken America a long time to make her choice, and watching her change her mind has almost been painful to watch sometimes. But Amberly set her heart on Clarkson very early, and she never looked back. If you know him, you can see why that might be the one time in her life we could call her unwise.

Still, regardless of who the next girl on the throne might be, it’d be hard to match how naturally regal and unendingly kind Amberly is.

The One is on sale everywhere today.


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