The Big Bang Theory brought their writers to San Diego Comic-Con and they revealed some big news for season 10.

At the end of last season Penny and Leonard decided to have a real wedding for their family and friends to attend. This means we will finally get to meet more of Penny’s family! In the first episode we will meet Penny’s mom and drug dealing brother. Penny’s mom will be played by Katy Sagal — a role just like the one she had in 8 Simple Rules. According to Steve Molaro, Sagal said she would always be available to play Kaley’s mom.

A special surprise at the panel was the appearance of Penny’s brother who will be played by Jack McBrayer. The 30 Rock alum will be playing Penny’s fresh out of prison, drug dealing brother. McBrayer seemed ready to take on the idea of playing an ex-con as he cracked jokes on the panel.

Other news regarding season 10 includes Sheldon and Amy attending a real life flag convention. The writers did their research and found an actual flag convention to bring to life on the set. We all know Sheldon’s passion for flags, so we can only imagine what it will be like for him at a convention.

We also learned Penny is going to explore her career options. She loved acting but couldn’t get a job, and she dislikes her current job but the pay is good, so she is kind of stuck. The writers hinted that there is the possibility that the movie she made with Wil Wheaton could lead to something more. In the Big Bang world the movie has a cult following, and Penny could get paid to sign autographs at small conventions.

There is also the possibility that Sheldon will be in the Leonard Nimoy documentary. The real documentary will release this fall, but if you remember, Sheldon was interviewed by Nimoy’s real-life son on the show. The writers hinted that in the Big Bang world this movie exists and could lead to more Star Trek themed shows.

The funniest thing the writers discussed is the possible new area of research for Amy. Steve Molaro and Steve Holland were traveling during hiatus and met with a real life neuro-scientist. She told them about what she was studying, mice having sex, and they decided that Amy should be studying that too. This could definitely lead to some very funny moments for Amy and Sheldon.

‘The Big Bang Theory’ season 10 premieres on Monday, September 19

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