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‘Arrow’ star Katie Cassidy-Rodgers hopes Laurel follows through on her promise to be a hero

Katie Cassidy teases Arrow season 8 and Laurel's journey.

When we last left Laurel Lance (the Earth-2 version), she had just promised to be worthy of wearing Earth-1 Laurel’s Black Canary suit as she worked to become a hero worthy of her late doppelganger.

When Arrow season 8 begins, Laurel Lance is working to become the hero she promised she would be, finding the line between right and wrong, and working to move past her old Black Siren ways. As previously teased by Katie Cassidy-Rodgers, she has a new partner on her mission to save the city.

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However, that doesn’t prevent her from working with Oliver and Diggle on the former’s mission from the Monitor (as teased in our Arrow season 8, episode 1 spoiler-free preview). As the series comes to an end, I’m hopeful to see Laurel Lance become the hero her counterpart was and a crucial part of Team Arrow’s lives.

We’ve seen her rejected for her past over the last seasons, but Felicity embraced her and worked to change the others’ opinions of Laurel, so to see that come to full fruition is incredibly important, as the team behind-the-scenes works to set up the Arrow spin-off.

As a fan of Laurel Lance, I’m excited to see where her journey leads her. The premiere does a great job of beginning the exploration of what being a hero looks like to her, and how she handles the responsibility of it.

We had a chance to speak with Arrow star Katie Cassidy-Rodgers about Laurel Lance’s journey this season: how she’s coming along on her promise to become the Black Canary, and how this new dynamic between Laurel, Oliver, and John will work. Read on!

Arrow season 8

Hypable: How did it feel to return to the Arrow set, knowing you only had 10 episodes left? How does it feel now that you’re winding down to the end?

Katie Cassidy-Rodgers: I mean, it feels surreal. Truthfully, every moment has been unforgettable, with us as a cast, with us and our crew, and everything. We obviously have been very, very fortunate and it’s been an incredible, well, almost complete eight seasons. But I think just really being present when we’re there. And especially for me this year, just taking it all in and just connecting with everybody who I’ve worked with over the years and really making each moment, just taking it in, and there’s been a lot of love and a lot of appreciation, and it’s just been very heartfelt.

And we’re sad that it’s coming to an end, but not all things can stay forever. It’s just been a really incredible chapter in everyone’s lives in regards to our cast and crew and everybody. I think even fans, they’ve shown so much love and appreciation and it’s just been really, it’s just been so monumental, the whole thing, and it’s a bittersweet feeling for sure.

I think cherishing it, and every moment while we’re there, especially this season, has been something that has been important to me, and I’m spending as much time with people who I’ve worked with for the past eight years because I can. Because they really have become part of my family or extended family.

Katie Cassidy

Can you confirm that you’ll be appearing as Black Siren this season?

I mean, again: Laurel Lance, Black Siren, Canary, the different roles that I have portrayed, you will see glimpses of them throughout the season. And I think this season really focuses on the entire show as a whole. And if I think it’ll be really fun because we’ll see familiar locations, potential familiar faces, and … I think they’ll really appreciate all of it. And if I can say anything to the fans before our season premiere, which is Tuesday the 15th, they should re-watch the pilot, and then even the whole series if they can to really get to appreciate the show entirely and end this season entirely. Because it’s really been incredible and I’m just, yeah, I’m excited for everyone to see it. It’s awesome.

You have a new costume this season! Which one has been your favorite and did you have any input on this newest one?

My favorite costume is definitely by far this new costume. It really truly feels like the Black Canary. It feels like Laurel Lance. It feels almost truer to the comic book than we’ve seen, and I think that’s really cool. It’s been really, yeah, it’s been really incredible. I wish I had it sooner. So this costume is definitely by far my favorite, and I think it’ll be the fan favorite as well. And I actually did not have input on this one, but it’s still really empowering and badass to wear, and I can certainly appreciate all of the time that went into it in terms of designing it and putting it together. It’s incredible.

How would you describe the dynamic between Laurel, Oliver, and Diggle this season?

I think that Laurel’s arc this season is really about fulfilling her promise to become a hero and discovering exactly what it means to be a hero. The good and the bad. I think that in terms of Oliver, and Diggle, and Laurel, it’s almost like they’re on the same playing field in a way. And I really think we get a chance to really see that. And I feel like she really is playing her part in being a member of this team. And again, going out there and feeling like she’s an equal. And I think it’s pretty incredible and it’s really fun. It’s been awesome.

Would you say Laurel’s fully redeemed when we see her this season or is she still struggling with the battle of right and wrong as she tries to be a hero?

I think she’s still discovering again, what it means to be a hero. And I think there’s still lessons to be had and she’s fulfilling her promise. But yes, there’s good, there’s bad, there’s hardship at times, and she’s seeing all sides of it.

Congratulations on your directorial debut! How did it feel to direct an episode?

Katie Cassidy-Rodgers: Oh my gosh. Thank you, first of all. And it was incredible. It was everything that I had, and have wanted, and something I’ve really been working towards. And I had a blast. It just felt like second nature to me. It felt like I’m supposed to be doing that as well. I don’t know. It’s just something that it just sort of came to me and I mean, don’t get me wrong, it’s a lot of work, but it’s so fulfilling. And I was so grateful to be given that opportunity. I cannot thank our producers, showrunners, everyone enough for believing in me and allowing me to step into this position, because I do think that directing is something that I really want to do more of. And I hope to be able to.

Katie Cassidy / Arrow spin-off

So yeah, it was incredible. It was, it’s telling a story, right? As a director, you’re telling a story. And as an actor, that’s what we do. We portray the story, or the character, trying to tell that story and get it across. And so I feel like they go hand in hand. And I was so fortunate to get to direct that episode and to work with these such incredible actors who are all very talented. And it was really nice, because they all showed up for me and they all were so tremendously supportive, and it was just seeing the other side of things and it was a blessing. I love it. It was incredible.

What episode, of the entire show, would you say is your favorite?

Aside from the one that I directed? Because I just had such a blast doing it. Also, I loved — I think it’s [season 3 episode 13] — the Canary episode, with Laurel and Sara, her sister. And vertigo is involved and seeing… I don’t know, I just remember really appreciating that episode as an actor. I loved it. And then watching it, I thought it was really well directed. So that would definitely be one of my favorites.

Will Laurel develop a closer bond with anyone in particular this season?

I think we’ll get a chance to see her develop a closer bond with several people this season than you maybe wouldn’t necessarily have thought.

Is there specific Arrow-verse character that you haven’t had a scene with yet that you’d want to before the show ends?

Oh, there’s many. That’s all I can say about that.

Where do you hope to see Laurel when the series ends?

Katie Cassidy-Rodgers: I hope to see her fulfill her promise as she is doing throughout the season and sort of to be in a position where she could do this — be a hero — given all of the things that she’s learned. I think that makes her strong enough to maybe be in a position where, whether it be her, whether it’d be her and the team, but she’s ready to be there and that’s where she belongs.

Congratulations on the potential spin-off!

Thank you very much. I appreciate that. I’m very excited.

You said a few months ago that you pitched an idea for a ‘Birds of Prey’ TV show. Were any of your ideas included in this potential spin-off?

Well, the fact that I’m a part of it, and as we know the other individuals who are a part of it, I would hope to think that’s sort of the direction they’re going, more that ‘Birds of Prey’ type that I had suggested. And I think now, more than ever, is definitely a time for women. And it certainly seems that way in regards to what the spin-off is and what it looks like. But yeah, I’m really excited, and I think that they will in one way or another, in a clever way, incorporate that.

So, Laurel and Dinah will both be part of the spinoff. During Arrow season 8, will we continue to see their relationship grow?

Yeah, I think there’s definitely more depth there, for sure.

Since we had a chance to watch the Arrow season 8 premiere early, we also were able to ask Katie Cassidy-Rodgers a few questions about the episode, which will go up in our Arrow season 8, episode 1 review after the it airs!

Arrow‘s final season premieres on Tuesday, October 15 at 9 p.m. ET on The CW!

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