YouTube star Kate Hackett (Classic Alice) launches The Concession, the first instalment in a hilarious sketch series with a political twist.

Coming to you from Classic Alice star and creator Kate Hackett is a short series of YouTube sketches, set to coincide with the 2016 election cycle.

The first sketch sees Hackett deliver a full-on ‘concession speech’ when her boyfriend (School of Thrones and Frankenstein, MD‘s Brendan Bradley) breaks up with her:

Hackett’s speech is inspired by real-life concession speeches from history, and you’ll see a lot more inspiration drawn from contemporary political situations in her future sketches!

We caught up with Hackett about her new series, which also includes this week’s “A Special Message For America’s Teens.”

Interview with Kate Hackett

Hypable: Why the election cycle? That’s an interesting topic to tackle.

Kate Hackett: I think elections can bring out the best and worst in people — just like breakups! I thought the difficulty some candidates have with coming to terms with a loss and conceding gracefully really fits very well in a break up situation. And that just made me laugh!

Do you touch on the current political situation at all, or is this very much a separate thing?

I think it’s kind of universally poignant. But there are little historical easter eggs in the speech she gives: a lot of it is (lovingly) stolen from famous concession speeches throughout history.

How has this project/the production process differed from Classic Alice and your other previous work?

This was so much smaller! Sketches are just little bite-sized fun things and that means I can do a few of them of different topics on a much smaller monetary scale. It’s more a “small group of friends” churning something funny out — I can’t wait for you to get to see “A Special Message for America’s Teens” too, because that’s pretty funny as well.

We have a lot of great content coming in the next few weeks and months – including an original series starring myself and Chris O’Brien. That comes out in the fall and it touches on the election in a ridiculously funny way!

One for the Classic Alice fans: Any chance of revisiting the series? Or are you firmly looking ahead to new projects now?

Right now, I’m jumping into new projects pretty aggressively — there’s the O’Brien project I mentioned, releasing sketches and a longer series called Kate & Joe Just Want to Have Sex, a horror, a political thriller, and a sci-fi floating around in the pipes! I’ve started a Patreon to help get some of those underway, too. I’d never say never, but I have so much to look forward to with new material. And rest assured, there will be cast & crew reunions OF COURSE.

Follow Kate on YouTube and check out her Patreon for more!

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