New Kanye West music means new controversy. This time, the controversy-riddled rapper is facing criticism from Theraflu and PETA over his new song, “Theraflu.”

“Someone tell PETA my mink is dragging on the floor,” West raps in his new song.

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals took offense.

“What’s draggin’ on the floor is Kanye’s reputation as a man with no empathy for animals or human beings,” PETA reps told the Wall Street Journal. “He’s a great musician but doesn’t seem to have the fashion sense to design anything more than caveman costumes.”

The rapper isn’t getting much love from Theraflu, either, because the song, in which he confesses his love for Kim Kardashian, suggests that Kanye is so cold to his enemies they need a dose of the cold medicine.

“We in no way endorse or approve of the references or use of the image and likeness of Theraflu in this manner,” the company’s reps told TMZ.

What do you think of the song? Is it offensive?

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