Justin Timberlake has just released the first single off the second installment of his The 20/20 Experience album titled “Take Back the Night.”

Fueled by an up tempo retro sound and suggestive lyrics like “come on use me up until there’s nothing left…dizzy, spinning, sweating, you can’t catch your breath,” Timberlake’s new single follows in a similar musical vein as The 20/20 Experience – Part 1.

That being said, while Timberlake’s last album was very much an ode to the music genere neo soul, we can’t help but get a bit of an 80s Michael Jackson vibe from the Prince of Pop’s latest single!

Like Timberlake’s previous singles “Suit & Tie” and “Pusher Love Girl,” “Take Back The Night” has an overall big band feel with an entire horns section that is sure to make you feel like getting down on the dance floor.

Listen below to the lengthy 6 minute, 28 second track:

The 20/20 Experience – Part 2 drops on September 30. A pre-order link currently goes to the existing 20/20 Experience album which was released in March. It’s unclear at this time if Part 2 will somehow be attached to Part 1 of the album already in the iTunes Store. Perhaps Apple will let you use its “complete this album” feature when the ten new songs are released this September.

Over in Timberlake’s online store, you can purchase “CD 2 of 2” for $12.95. Here’s the new album art:

Justin Timberlake The 20/20 Experience Part 2

Timberlake will perform at the iTunes Festival on Sunday, September 29 where we’re sure he’ll perform a few songs off of his new album.

When the first half of The 20/20 Experience debuted earlier this year, fans correctly speculated that with only ten songs available and “20/20” in the title, Timberlake had an additional ten songs up his sleeve.

The singer will be touring this summer with Jay Z in select stadiums across the United States, and we’re sure “Take Back the Night” will make the setlist.

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