10:05 am EDT, June 10, 2019

Justin Beiber wants to fight Tom Cruise…seriously

Today in bizarre entertainment news, Justin Beiber took to Twitter to challenge Tom Cruise to a UFC fight. Yeah, we’re kinda confused too.

Justin Beiber’s new single “I Don’t Care” with Ed Sheerhan has been tearing up the charts lately, and it seems that has given the singer quite a confidence booster. He’s feeling so confident that he decided he wanted to put his mettle to the test against…Tom Cruise.

Beiber took to Twitter to issue the fight challenge.

We’ve got a lot of questions here, but can we take a moment to appreciate Cole Sprouse’s delightful response in the face of Beiber’s challenge-tweet typo?

Misspelling aside, the 25-year-old singer challenged the 56-year-old actor to throw down, and the choice to single out Cruise is such a random choice that the internet can’t stop talking about the fight and predicting who would win. Naturally, Cruise’s choice to perform his own stunts for most of his action flicks has several people thinking Cruise would win, but some have favored Beiber thanks to his youth and taller frame.

At this point, Cruise’s camp hasn’t responded to the bizarre challenge, but it does seem that someone is more than willing to host this bizarre battle should Cruise agree. UFC fighter Conor McGregor responded on Twitter saying his company McGregor Sports and Entertainment would be happy to host should a fight actually take place.

Internet personalities challenging one another to fights isn’t necessarily a new thing. For instance, like Jake Paul and Logan Paul have participated in several boxing matches with other rival internet figures. However, A-list celebs outside of the internet space, like mainstream music and major Hollywood actors engaging in a random grudge match isn’t as common.

It will be interesting to see if Cruise responds to Beiber’s challenge and if any sort of fight ends up taking place. After all, it’s not clear if Beiber issued the challenge in earnest or if the tweet was just meant to troll people. Either way, we can’t wait to see what happens next in this bizarre story.

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