7:26 pm EST, November 12, 2017

‘Justice League’ has sexified the Amazons, and it’s not a good look

New photos reveal that the Amazons of Wonder Woman have undergone a very revealing costume change in Justice League.

In a marked change from Lindy Hemming’s costumes in Wonder Woman, the Amazons of Justice League will now be showing a lot more skin. Say goodbye to armor-clad chests and midriffs; the valiant warrior women of Themyscira are now going to war in glorified leather bikinis.

You know, the kind of thing that makes perfect sense to wear in battle.

As images collected by The Golden Lasso illustrate, Justice League director Zack Snyder and costume designer Michael Wilkinson seem to have pressed “delete” more than half of the Amazons’ battle-wear.

Gone are the armored shoulder plates, gauntlets and protective leather corsets. In their place is lots of skin, decorated by suggestive leather straps. The stripped-down look might be suitable for sparring and practice, but for the full-on war being joined in Justice League?

Nah, sons.

Among the many praises offered to last spring’s record-breaking Wonder Woman were Lindy Hemming’s Amazon-defining Greco-Roman costuming. Functional and strong while retaining a practical femininity, Hemming’s Amazons looked like they were prepared for the business of battle — not like they were showing up at some weird desert pool party.

The Golden Lasso also points out a telling comparison between the Amazons’ new “armor” and the full-coverage costumes worn by Justice League‘s Atlantian warriors. Don’t ask us why it makes more sense for the land-bound female warriors to don leather strings, while the men from underwater slop around in full armor; that kind of reasoning, only Snyder can provide.

And while Justice League is garnering decent reviews (certainly compared to the disastrous Batman V. Superman) it’s difficult not to be disappointed in the choice to re-design the Amazons. The women of Themyscira represent unyielding strength and ferocity.

It’s a shame that Justice League‘s male creative team preferred to translate that as sex-appeal and eye candy. A word to the wise, gentlemen: “Function over form” is really not just for the guys.

Justice League hits theaters on Nov. 17.

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