Jurassic World hit store shelves this week on DVD and Blu-ray, and a new deleted scene released shows the film’s stars putting on a little dino-doo camouflage.

With a little nod back at the original Jurassic Park film, this new Jurassic World deleted scene has Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard stumble upon “one big pile of shit.” Watch as Owen and Claire do what they have to do to stay alive in the park.

Now the third highest grossing box office film of all time, Jurassic World was released on Blu-ray October 20. The film was a monster hit at the box office and did fairly well on film review aggregate Rotten Tomatoes, ending up with a 70% rating.

Its $1.665 billion dollar worldwide take made it one of the biggest hits in the last decade, beating out the previous #3 spot, which was held by the insanely popular Marvel film The Avengers. This puts Jurassic World behind only Avatar and Titanic, but after seeing the final Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer, we have a feeling it might get knocked down a spot this December.

It’s likely to do just as well with its home release sales, and it includes quite a few bonus features, including more deleted scenes like the one seen above. While this scene might remind some fans of the semi-misogynistic feeling from Chris Pratt’s character, Owen, it’s a pretty hilarious scene that also gives a nod to the original film where the female lead sticks her hand in a nice steaming pile of dino poo.

Jurassic World’s sequel has already been set for June, 2018, which is a pretty quick turnaround, but we imagine the film’s insane financial success had a little to do with the sequel being scheduled so quickly. We look forward to the future of this enjoyable franchise, and hope the next film is even bigger and better.

Let us know if you’ve picked up Jurassic World on DVD or Blu-ray or if you plan on picking up the world’s third biggest hit this weekend.

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