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5 potential ‘Jurassic World 2’ story lines

This post contains heavy spoilers about the plot of Jurassic World. Read on at your own risk.

Though Jurassic World has only just opened in theaters and there has been little to no talk about a sequel, it’s almost certain that the summer blockbuster will rake in a lot of cash and have a sequel greenlit in the days and weeks to come. Let’s take a look at the events of Jurassic World, how they play into the previous three movies, and predict what could happen next for the franchise.

1. There’s another Indominus Rex; she didn’t eat the sibling

Let’s face it, Indominus Rex might be the most incredible animal that ever walked the planet, right? The intelligence, agility, borrowed predatory features — she’s got it all. In Jurassic World, we find out via Bryce Dallas Howard’s character that the Indominus Rex in the movie “ate the sibling.” Okay, sure we’ll take your word for it now, Bryce Dallas Howard, but are you telling the truth? It’s worth noting that the opening sequence of the movie featured not one but two Indominus Rex eggs hatching. Could evil villain Dr. Wu have stolen the egg for his own plans? After all, he is the one that knows exactly what kind of killing machine he is cooking in the kitchen. Or, as concerned as Claire was about the success of the park, could she have had the Indominus Rex taken somewhere else? Somewhere else, as in…

2. Isla Sorna is home to Indomnius Rex and other genetic experiments

The events of Jurassic World took place on Isla Nublar, where the first Jurassic Park movie happened. The Lost World: Jurassic Park and Jurassic Park 3 both took place on site B, Isla Sorna, where Hammond bred the dinosaurs before moving them to Nublar. Could the Indomius Rex sibling be alive, and is it being handled on the other island? Maybe it’s a male, and just a tad larger and more aggressive to the point that they needed more space? If the people controlling the park were able to seize Isla Nublar and make it a fully functioning theme park the way Hammond wanted it, they surely have something going on over there on Isla Sorna, right? Jurassic World sort of ignores the events from JP2 and JP3, but let’s just see if it pops up in Jurassic World 2.

3. DinoHuman hybrids are on the way

Some of the early concept art for Jurassic World (then called Jurassic Park 4) involved artist renderings of what appeared to be half human, half dinosaur military soldiers. Ring a bell? Though he thankfully was eaten by a raptor, the (human) antagonist of this whole movie was really Hoskins, who was hellbent on getting these raptors out on the battle field. InGen doesn’t care about humans, so why not pay Dr. Wu an unimaginable amount of money to start experimenting in ways even he hasn’t thought of yet: creating dinohuman hybrid predators?


4. The title ‘Jurassic World’ may be more than meets the eye

Why change the name of one of the most recognizable titles in cinematic history? Yes, it’s a reboot, but it still connects directly with the first three movies, right? Consider our third idea, InGen is now in the business of making DinoHuman hybrid soldiers. It’s clear that Jurassic World set this idea up as vividly as possible without distracting from the main attractions. Could we truly be seeing a “world” in which countries and special interests groups launch their DinoHuman genetic hybrids out on the front line? A truly Jurassic world? This could potentially border on cheesy; the concept art was not well-received by fans who saw it, but it’s clear that if there is a sequel, Hoskins’ ideas are likely going to be a huge part of it.

5. Is there a Site C?

This is a little bit fan-fictiony, but let’s think about this. A whole new trilogy. A whole new story. This time around, they can play with the rules of the first three movies, but make up their own as well. Knowing what they know about sites A and B (Nublar and Sorna), could they have potentially scouted a Site C as an ultimate backup? Anything is possible with genetic manipulation, and according to Claire, they’re discovering new species and innovating more and more every day. Regardless, five movies about dinosaurs breaking out and eating people on an island may be excessive, don’t you think?

6. Where are Alan Grant, Ellie Sattler and Ian Malcom?

Jurassic World did an excellent job of throwing you back to Jurassic Park without beating you over the head with it. Where are these three characters now? It’s hard to figure out how they would factor in to this current storyline, but maybe there’s a way. Could they be contributing to the war against creating DinoHuman hybrids?

There may be some evidence that Dr. Ian Malcom could be a part of the Jurassic World franchise. Earlier this year, the official Jurassic World marketing released this photo, which featured dinosaur eggs with QR codes on them:


When scanned, the QR codes took fans to the photo below: a photo to a book by Ian Malcom titled, God Creates Dinosaurs.


Nothing more was said about this image, and neither Malcom or his work was mentioned in Jurassic World. But considering the marketing for this movie was so thoughtful and precise, it would be foolish to think Dr. Ian Malcom couldn’t be a part of Jurassic World 2 in some way.

Regardless, it would be fantastic to see these three (and let’s throw in Lex and Tim!) running from a T. Rex just one more time!

What happens to the park now?

For all the great things that Jurassic World gave us, one thing it didn’t provide was a clear understanding as to what would be happening with the park now that it has had a terrible catastrophe the likes of Hammond’s incident 22 years ago. Is it salvageable? Will the dinosaurs roam the island the way they did after the hurricane knocked out Isla Sorna, giving us the events of The Lost World? The last we saw, Blue ran away and T. Rex was enjoying the view.

The one thing we do know about Jurassic World 2 is that Colin Trevorrow will not be returning as director.

Do you have any ideas about what you would like to see happen in Jurassic World 2?

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