Journey, thatgamecompany’s third release, has broken sales records in both Europe and North America. The adventure game, which was released exclusively for the PS3, has charmed both critics and the public with its unorthodox style, stunning visuals and meaningful gameplay.

Jenova Chen, thatgamecompany co-founder, posted on the PlayStation blog:

Thanks to you all, Journey has officially broken PlayStation Network and PlayStation Store sales records, surpassing all games ever released on the PlayStation Network to become the fastest-selling game ever released on PlayStation Store, in both the SCEA [NA]and SCEE [Europe] regions.

Chen compared the success of Journey with that of his company’s previous game, Flower:

[…]The reaction to Journey has been even more overwhelming [than Flower]. We have received more letters from fans in the two weeks since Journey’s launch than we did for Flower over the past three years!

Finally, Chen announced that Journey‘s soundtrack will be coming to the PlayStation store and iTunes on April 11. Below is a taste of the game’s OST.


Do you find it surprising that Journey has sold so well? Will you be downloading the OST?

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