Joss Whedon entered Comic-Con yesterday to a roar of cheers and applause, but the reaction to his entrance was nowhere near as loud as the reaction to the news he brought.

First, on the list (thanks to the folks at TechLand) was a quick chat about the progress of filming for The Avengers.

“We’re about 2/3 of the way through shooting, and I live somehow to tell this. I think it’s coming along really well. I have yet to make it more than the sum of its parts, but I’m really excited about the parts.”

HeroComplex has an additional quote from Whedon discussing his excellent star-studded Avengers cast.

“What I find is that these characters mesh through these differences really well,” he told the capacity crowd at the Hilton Bayfront’s Indigo Ballroom. “And what I also find is these actors have a great time playing against each other, and they are, as a troop, actually a much better team than the Avengers are.”

He said working on “Avengers” has been easier than he expected. “In fact, the only problem I’ve had with ‘The Avengers’ is: Where is the 14-year-old girl with superpowers?” he joked.

For the brown-coats in the audience, Whedon also revealed that he has plans for a sequel to Serenity.

One intriguing tidbit that did emerge was the fact that Whedon stated that he’s trying to get a sequel to Serenity greenlit but no studio is biting.

As if he were Steve Jobs announcing the next big Apple product, Whedon had one more thing to add to his round-up of updates. According to Twitter-user “Caitdog” who was present at the panel, a sequel to Dr. Horrible is not only in the works but may actually be arriving soon. His under 140 character update is below.

Guy: “Can we be expecting a Dr. Horrible 2 anytime soon?” Whedon: “The thing you need to understand is…yes.”

This information is strangely absent from many major news sites that covered Comic-Con, so it should be taken with a grain of salt (although it was re-tweeted by Felicia Day who played Penny in the original, so there may be some truth to this.)

So what do you think? Are you excited for possible sequels to Serenity and Dr. Horrible’s Sing Along Blog? Are you holding back your opinion until you see The Avengers next May?

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