Remember when Buffy finished and Anthony Stewart Head was all but set to star in Ripper, the spin-off about Giles? Well, it’s still on the table for Joss Whedon!

The original concept for the Head spin-off Ripper would be a BBC series about Giles in England, continuing his story post-Buffy while also exploring his dark past and involvement with witchcraft. While that would probably be a bit implausible almost 10 years on (not least because of the comics), Whedon hasn’t given up on the idea.

It may not be Ripper, but essentially it could be the same thing, Whedon tells The AV Club when discussing the possibility:

The thing about Ripper — the essence of it — is that the BBC came to me at one point like, “It doesn’t have to be Ripper. It can just be [Anthony Stewart Head], and there’s magic, and he’s Tony, cuz he’s awesome.

He continues to explain how the concept could work for a TV series:

For some reason, he keeps getting sexier every year. And that story was always about a mature guy who’s lived, and about the choices he’s made. So you could make that now, or you could make it 10 years from now. And I’ve tortured Tony more than any other living human with, “We’re definitely gonna do this!” Because I thought we were. He’s working so much, though, I’d feel too guilty. But that’s the thing with Ripper: It doesn’t go away in my head because he’s still right for it, and he could still bring it.

We’re always open to seeing anything with Anthony Stewart Head in it, right guys? Maybe it wouldn’t be Ripper, per se, but that wouldn’t stop the Whedonisms! We say bring it on, BBC!

Read the full interview with Whedon, where he also discusses The Cabin in the Woods, Avengers and more possibilities for past project revivals (he also notably comments on the controversial Buffy remake saying, “I’ve never had strong feelings about it”), at The AV Club.

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