9:31 am EDT, August 29, 2016

John Oliver is sick of superhero movies, then introduces his own

John Oliver has his own superhero, because of course he does.

In a web exclusive of Last Week Tonight, John Oliver unveiled Johnny Strong: A new superhero in his own image. (No relation to the actual real-life actor named Johnny Strong, of Fast & Furious fame.)

Check out the video below:

He starts the segment by complaining about the influx of superhero movies, from ‘Angry Spider-Man’ (Deadpool) and ‘Sad Man vs Super-Sad Man’ (Batman v Superman) to ‘The Insane Clown-Posse Takes Manhattan’ (Suicide Squad). And we gotta say, those are some excellent alternative titles!

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“Some audience members are getting a little fatigued at seeing the same characters over and over again,” says Oliver… which, to be fair, is accurate.

But whether or not the answer is Johnny Strong, the hero Oliver himself created in the fifth grade, remains to be seen.

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Granted, this is a funny way to critique the superhero movie wave that Hollywood is currently riding. But considering the huge critical success of Deadpool (and the fact that Marvel in particular is killing it with 90% of their movies right now), we’re not totally sure where Oliver is going with this.

It seems like audiences aren’t sick of superhero movies specifically, but rather sick of superhero movies that lack the relatability and cohesiveness of the truly epic installments like the Russo Brothers’ Captain America films and Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy.

So can’t we just have Marvel, DC, and Johnny Strong movies? After all, John Oliver’s pitch does sound awesome.

Last Week Tonight returns September 25 with brand new episodes! Until then, we hope Oliver gets cracking on some new issues of his comic book series…

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