9:24 am EDT, June 30, 2016

John Cena endorses Jimmy Kimmel for Vice President of USA

Does that make John Cena his 'Miami Vice'?

Jimmy Kimmel is running for Vice President, because it’s 2016 and this entire POTUS race is already a reality show. John Cena is all about it.

Here at Hypable, we’re following Jimmy Kimmel’s campaign for Vice President with great interest. Because, at this point, why the hell not, right? The POTUS position itself is potentially f***ed anyway.

A few months after initially announcing that he’s running (and okay, you can’t actually run for Vice President, but he’s so convincing we’re not actually sure he knows this), Jimmy Kimmel brought John Cena on to Jimmy Kimmel Live! to speak on his behalf. And speak he does:

Addressing the enraptured crowd, Cena calls Kimmel, “A great candidate, and an even greater man,” before asking if he’s still leading in the polls — which he is, being the only candidate and all.

“This is our man. Jimmy Jefferson Kimmel, the next vice president of the United States of America,” Cena enthuses. “He will fight for America, and I will fight alongside him! And, as a matter of fact, if you don’t vote for Jimmy Kimmel for VP, I will personally give each and every one of you the attitude adjustment that you deserve.”

Aaaand then he smashes up the podium, to just really prove the point. So, you know, let’s all vote for Kimmel yeah? Maybe he can be the Vice President of President ‘The Rock’ Johnson?

Jimmy Kimmel — very open about his anti-Trump stance — also recently released a video showcasing all of Donald Trump’s recent incidents of name-calling, accompanied by a song by the “Troompa-Loompa,” discouraging such behavior:

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