John Barrowman loves playing Captain Jack, but he hasn’t become too territorial over the part. He trusts Russell T. Davies to make sure the scripts keep Jack in character no matter where that character may go.

A lot of actors with iconic parts are very aggressive with writers, directors, and producers when it comes to “protecting” their character. Barrowman sat down with End of Showto talk about his relationship with the creative team and more.

EOS : You always seem so positive about the show but have you ever had to fight your corner with the producers or directors?

JB : Nope. That’s not my job. My job is to come in, hit my mark, say the dialogue and get the audience to watch it on screen. They trust that I will do that so I trust that the directors and producers know what they’re doing, I trust Russell and Julie (Davies and Tranter) implicitly. I might not agree sometimes with the things that I’m doing…and in fact a lot of the American directors came to us and said “Would your characters do this?” and we’d have a discussion. And I thought that if this was to be a new area for them then maybe they would change and do something different, so it was a learning experience for us. I have to be honest, we’ve never fought, we just basically do what we’re there to do.

EOS : Do you think Torchwood will ever return to its Cardiff home?

JB : Well we’ll always be a part of Wales, we’ll always continue to do stuff in Wales and the UK because we’ll always be a part of the BBC. It’s not like we’ve packed our bags and left – you can’t deny the roots, I mean Russell loves going to places like Rhosilli Beach and doing the big action sequences in South Wales so you know, we will never have vacated there. I don’t know if the rift will open back up, that might be an element that has finished because we’re moving into other territories. We always move forward, we put the Easter Eggs in from the past but we continue to change and develop which we hope keeps our core audience, because if we didn’t change we’d be dull, and we’d be cancelled.

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Would you like to see more in Cardiff? Would you want to see the rift and more aliens back?

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