The Hunger Games Explorer’s huge Catching Fire banner is slowly being populated with tributes, and today’s addition is the confident Johanna Mason.

Lionsgate is adding one new tribute per day to the banner on their Explorer website. Yesterday Katniss and Peeta opened up the new feature.

Johanna, played by actress Jena Malone, stands alone and wields her axe – the weapon that she is most proficient with. This is our first look at the axe she’ll be using in the movie:

'The Hunger Games: Catching Fire' Johanna Victor banner

Johanna is wearing the same outfit she does at the start of the Quarter Quell games. If it looks familiar to you, you’ve seen her in the suit in a previous poster released in July.

Shortly before the opening ceremonies begin, Johanna tries to put Katniss off of her game by greeting her wearing nothing but green slippers. This trick works on Katniss, if only because she was bothered by Peeta taking a peek.

The character stars in the latest issue of Capitol Couture. See our previous story for a couple gorgeous photos of Johanna and a profile on her life with fashion.

The Catching Fire Victor banner will share one new character a day, it seems. Check back tomorrow for the next Victor unveiling!

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire opens in theaters November 22.

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