Coinciding with his television debut on The Disney Channel’s Jessie, Team StarKid performer Joey Richter has given an extensive interview regarding his career so far, his potential future with Jessie, and the role he almost played opposite real-life roommate Darren Criss on Glee.

Joey spoke to NewNowNext, thoroughly discussing the StarKid story so far and his decision to pursue auditioning in Hollywood instead of joining the StarKid collective in Chicago. He’s landed a role in an animated children’s film, Khumba, and of course the recent appearance on Jessie, but what really stood out to Gleeks and StarKids alike was this:

Richter and Criss almost shared screen time again, and in a way that would have almost certainly set social media fandom aflame — last Fall Richter read for a Glee role, the new villain on the block Sebastian, who had his eyes romantically set on Criss’s Blaine character and has recently transformed into a menace for the whole of McKinley. It wasn’t meant to be, but the roommates had a laugh when Criss found Richter’s audition materials at home.

“For a day or two, I was like ‘I want this so bad,’” Richter laughed. “I wanted to be the bad guy. Darren saw the sides and he goes, ‘Dude, that would be so cool. And that would be so weird!’”

Obviously, we know the role eventually went to Grant Gustin, but isn’t it crazy to imagine Joey playing Sebastian opposite Darren’s Blaine?

As for Jessie, the producers liked Joey’s comic portrayal of young cop Officer Petey so much that there are plans to bring him back later in the season with a bigger storyline, and talk of the character recurring in season 2!

What do you think about Joey Richter’s new-found Disney stardom? Did you catch him on Jessie? And how about the idea of him playing Sebastian on Glee? Can you imagine him calling Darren Criss ‘sex on a stick’ with a straight face?

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