The YouTube account of Mountain Dew U.K. has released two online advertisements today featuring StarKid’s Joe Walker and Joe Moses.

We’re not sure if Mountain Dew was aware in advance that the stars of its new commercials have a gigantic online following, but that fact sure isn’t going to hurt the campaign. Watch the videos below!


We loved this comment from user claystripe6514 on one of the videos: “Advertising 101: Instead of providing your audience with actual facts about your product, make them associate it with awesome things so that they will feel awesome by buying it. And, let’s face it, you can’t get much more awesome than Joe Walker saving a kitten from a flaming building.”

We think that sums things up pretty nicely. We shall wait to see whether these ads for Mountain Dew’s new energy drink make it onto television, and if Mountain Dew becomes the new Red Vines for the StarKid fandom!

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