On Tuesday J.K. Rowling hosted a live Q&A, reading, and signing at the David Koch Theater in New York City to celebrate and promote the release of The Casual Vacancy.

The full video from the event is now online.

From the start you can see that those in the audience are huge Rowling and Harry Potter fans, with host Anne Patchett noting that she may have to pass out sedatives in the audience to calm them down. Watch in full below:

UPDATE: At the request of Little Brown, this video has been removed.

Yesterday we assembled a list of the top ten quotes from Rowling at the event. They include:

– Although Casual Vacancy is a book for “grown-ups,” it’s not an “adult book” in the way that Fifty Shades of Grey is, Rowling says. “The difference is, people have sex in this book, but no one really enjoys it.”

– “This is going to sound like a product placement, but I’ll say it anyway — the MacBook Air changed my life.”

– On Casual Vacancy: “I started writing quite freely… Because I wanted to get to know them, the characters.”

– “The right 14 or 15-year-old” could read Casual Vacancy, Rowling says. But should a 7-year-old? “Well, that would be inappropriate.”

The Casual Vacancy is in stores now.

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