11:15 am EST, July 15, 2013

J.K. Rowling’s new book ‘Cuckoo’s Calling’ becomes too popular for Amazon and libraries

As the world slowly learns that J.K. Rowling published a new book called The Cuckoo’s Calling, demand is growing greater – and so are people’s patience.

As of Sunday afternoon Amazon U.S. became overwhelmed by demand for the physical copy and listed the book as “temporarily out of stock.” That’s a change from earlier in the weekend when they said the book could take 10 to 14 days for delivery. You are still able to order the book, but Amazon can’t guarantee a ship date.

Amazon U.K.’s wait is a little less painful: Currently 5 to 9 days.

Meanwhile, the United States’ largest brick and mortar chain Barnes & Noble continues to struggle with the demand. Their website currently lists the book as out of stock and says they can’t begin shipping it until August 5. We believe each physical store only had four copies available at the time of the book’s unveiling on Saturday.

Over on reading social network GoodReads, the book jumped from just a handful of people who said it was on their “to-read” list to over 1,700 commitments. 560 of the site’s users are currently reading it.

A check of Twitter indicates demand is heavy in libraries too. “I see the new Robert Galbraith (aka JK Rowling) novel Cuckoo’s Calling has gone from 0 to 17 reservations overnight in my local library,” wrote one user in the United Kingdom.

“230 holds on The Cuckoo’s Calling from the library. Oops, I SO should have done this yesterday,” wrote another who lives in New Zealand.

Said someone in Austin, Texas who was really lucky, “HAHAHAHAHA Cuckoo’s Calling is now up to 83 holds at the Austin Public Library. I am number 1 in line, woohoo!”

“Cuckoo’s Calling now up to over 65 requests in the local library system and climbing. It was at 47 earlier this morning,” said another.

Little Brown says they are working on a second print run of the book which will include J.K. Rowling’s name in the author bio section.

Tell us your story of how you obtained, or didn’t obtain, a copy of J.K. Rowling’s new book?

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