This week The Tonight Show host and alum Jimmy Fallon took a few steps over from his studio and hosted SNL along with musical guest Harry Styles.

Marking its first episode in which SNL was live from coast-to-coast (as well as Canada), Jimmy Fallon hosted a hilarious night with former One Direction member Harry Styles as the musical guest.

Styles ended up participating in a couple of sketches throughout the night, as some musical guests do. Check out some of the hilarious highlights below!

Cold Open

SNL reached back to its bag of tricks with the cold open this week featuring Alec Baldwin’s return as Donald Trump. The opening monologue also featured Jimmy Fallon playing the President’s son-in-law Jared Kushner.

Opening Monologue

Jimmy Fallon took the hall of 30 Rock for a sing-along opening monologue complete with a cameo of musical guest Harry Styles. Check out the David Bowie tribute below!

Surprise United Airlines Sketch

The next sketch of the night came with a weird attempt for Jimmy Fallon’s character to get his ex-girlfriend back by a Savage Garden serenade. The sketch ended with a twist that left the audience cheering and applauding. We don’t want to give it away to you in the description here, so check it out for yourself!

Harry Styles As Mick Jagger

Harry Styles busted out his acting chops throughout the episode as well. In the first sketch of the night, Styles played Mick Jagger on the famous Family Feud sketch. “Harry Styles as Mick Jagger” quickly became a worldwide trending topic on Twitter following the appearance. Though Fallon was doing double duty as John Travolta from 1977 and 2017, we still think Harry stole the show here.

Jimmy Fallon and Rachel Dratch Bring Back Boston

Rachel Dratch made a surprise cameo when she brought back her famous Boston characters Sully and Denise. The sketch was updated for 2017 and included their kid played by Kate McKinnon.

Melissa McCarthy Returns as Sean Spicer

It wouldn’t be a big episode of SNL this season without Melissa McCarthey as Press Secretary Sean Spicer, would it? McCarthy played Spicer as an Easter Bunny — something Spicer actually did in real life many years ago. As you might expect, this version of Spicer was just as over-the-top and angry as the times before.

Harry Styles debuts 2 new songs

If you didn’t know, Harry Styles not only debuted as a solo performer on SNL this week, but debuted some of his much-anticipated new music. His first song was “Sign Of The Times” which is available now. His second performance was “Ever Since New York,” which seemed to be a slightly shorter version of a full length song — maybe a teaser. The album is set to be released on May 12.

Check out Harry’s performances below.

Coming Up on ‘SNL’

SNL will be back on May 6 with host Chris Pine will and musical guest LCD Soundsystem.

What was your favorite ‘SNL’ sketch and performance of the night?

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