David Tennant’s Kilgrave is the focus of a painterly new poster for Marvel’s upcoming Netflix series Jessica Jones.

Zebediah Kilgrave is set to be the central villain of Jessica Jones. Known as “the Purple Man,” Tennant’s character has the power to ruthlessly control others with his mind — a power he employs with gusto, to devastating effect.

Jessica Jones Kilgrave poster

Tennant doesn’t look overly intimidating in the new Jessica Jones poster, but the people arrayed around him certainly look intimidated. Krysten Ritter’s Jones is suspiciously composed above Kilgrave, while another woman looks apprehensive from the right — and someone else sprawls on the ground, looking decidedly unhappy.

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A posed police officer on the poster also calls back a terrifying scenario from the recent Jessica Jones trailer.

The poster of David Tennant as Kilgrave follows the style of earlier promotional material for Jessica Jones. The images are eerily beautiful, portrayed in a watercolor style – and utterly unafraid to utilize the “girly” shades of pink and purple that will take on such a menacing tone in the context of Kilgrave’s power.


While Tennant hasn’t spoken extensively about the brutal, terrifying role he tackles, the Doctor Who actor has expressed his enthusiasm for playing a part in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

“I grew up an absolute devotee to the worlds of Marvel,” he told the Radio Times early this year. “The fact that they’ve expanded into TV and film is a fact that I fantasized about when I was younger. So now to be part of it, to be on the other side of it, is a thrill.”

Marvel’s Jessica Jones crushes Netflix on Nov. 20.

What are your expectations for David Tennant’s role in the intense and terrifying ‘Jessica Jones’?

Source: IGN

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