We haven’t seen the last of super heroes hosting Saturday Night Live just yet!

After Catwoman herself Anne Hathaway hosted last week, this week Hawkeye Jeremy Renner will host Saturday Night Live with musical guest Maroon 5! Check out the hilarious promo video below with current Saturday Night Live cast member Kenan Thompson!

Though most people will know and recognize Jeremy Renner from this summer’s huge world wide mega hit The Avengers where he played bow and arrow marksman Hawkeye, Renner is actually hosting Saturday Night Live in promotion of his new intense action movie Hansel and Gretel.

If you missed last week’s episode of Saturday Night Live with host Anne Hathaway you can check out all of the highlights from that episode right here, including her hilarious spoof of the TV show Homeland, an appearance by a fake Barack Obama as well as 2 interesting performances by Rihanna!

Following the destruction and devastation of Hurricane Sandy, comedian Louis C.K. hosted Saturday Night Live with musical guest Fun. You can check out all of those hilarious highlights including Louis’ hilarious sketch of him portraying a modern day Abraham Lincoln in the streets of New York City right here!

Jeremy Renner will host Saturday Night Live this Saturday at 11:35pm EST on NBC!


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