Prior to her fame associated with The Hunger Games, Jennifer Lawrence had a great role in 2010’s X-Men: First Class.

Now we’re learning that the sequels for both films may shoot around the same time, causing a conflict.

The Hollywood Reporter notes the issue:

Insiders say the studios are poised for a face-off over the 21-year-old’s schedule as they move ahead with sequels in their respective franchises. Lionsgate is planning to shoot Games follow-up Catching Fire in the summer, for release in November 2013. A source says Fox is considering an early fall shoot for a sequel to 2011’s First Class, which doesn’t yet have a release date, leading to chatter of a potential Lawrence scheduling conflict.

Fox originally cast the Oscar nominee as shape-shifter Mystique in summer 2010, months before Lionsgate chose her as its Katniss Everdeen in March 2011. (Lawrence earned $500,000 for Games, less for the ensemble First Class.) Even though both studios have sequel options, “Fox will win [any conflict],” says an insider. “Their option trumps Lionsgate’s option.”

Both studios deny any conflict, with Fox saying the timing of the First Class shoot is still not set. Says a Lawrence rep, “They are both making accommodations for her.”

All we hope is that it doesn’t push the Catching Fire release date or shooting schedule back!

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