Jennifer Lawrence is literally Katniss, ‘wouldn’t be involved’ with more ‘Hunger Games’ films

Lionsgate should really hire J.Law as a consultant or something.

5:01 am EDT, December 14, 2015

Lionsgate is planning to make more Hunger Games films, but it’ll be without Jennifer Lawrence’s Katniss.

Hunger Games fans will recall the moment when they first read Mockingjay, and Katniss Everdeen voted in favor of reinstating the dreaded Games.

You felt betrayed, you felt angry, you maybe even threw your book across the room and refused to read on for three days — but then it all became clear: Katniss was finally taking the war into her own hands, living up to her name as the Mockingjay, and killing President Coin.

Katniss would not actually want more Hunger Games. And, appropriately, neither would Jennifer Lawrence.

“I wouldn’t be involved,” Lawrence tells Variety, referring to the planned prequels Lionsgate is working on. “I think it’s too soon. They’ve got to let the body get cold, in my opinion.”

This opinion is shared by many fans, who find it exploitative and distasteful to continue milking this very socially critical book series for profit, literally making a show of kids killing kids for our entertainment.

And the biggest worry for fans isn’t even the movies: it’s the theme park opening in Dubai. That seems in particularly poor taste, considering the Hunger Games series’ subject matter.

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Of course, Jennifer Lawrence’s opinion is just that — an opinion. Because while she is certainly a big draw for the franchise, we wonder if it was ever viable for Katniss to come back at all, considering that Lionsgate is likely embarking on a series of prequel films set before Katniss’ first Games.

(Of course if they really wanted to, we suppose they could always start each movie with Katniss telling another terrifying bedtime story to her baby.)

On Hypable, we’ve compiled a list of four prequels we wouldn’t be opposed to seeing, and there are, arguably, stories left to tell in the world of Panem.

But without Suzanne Collins’ involvement, and with Jennifer Lawrence distancing herself from any future movies, Lionsgate is increasingly beginning to resemble the Gamemakers… which would make us the Capitol.

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