Killing fellow tributes around your age for the Capitol’s pleasure? Easy. Taking on creepy looking creatures in a haunted house? Not so much.

The Hunger Games lead actress Jennifer Lawrence visited a haunted house in Atlanta (where Catching Fire is filming), and a great photo from her visit has surfaced.

Lawrence is surrounded by three of Netherworld Haunted House’s most mythical, creepiest creatures. She doesn’t seem to be too scared though – perhaps she doesn’t know they’re behind her.

The Hunger Games' Jennifer Lawrence visits a Haunted House in Atlanta

(click for full size)

Netherworld describes themselves as “The #1 Haunted House in America” and have over 40,000 likes on Facebook, which may lend to the believability of their self-proclaimed rating. Netherworld is open every day between now and November 3. We wonder if Peeta would be more scared by a haunted house or a threat from President Snow? Our guess is the latter.

Filming on Catching Fire is expected to continue in Atlanta for several more weeks before moving to Hawaii in December. Recently, an Instagram user snapped a photo of an active District set where a reaping may be taking place. The Hunger Games: Catching Fire will open in theaters November 22, 2013.

See a photo of Josh Hutcherson (Peeta) getting spooked at the Haunted House!

Halloween is tomorrow, October 31!

Thanks to The Hob for the pic.

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