There are seriously so many new clips in this trailer that we couldn’t even fit them all into the headline. Check out the new Japanese trailer for The Avengers below to have your mind re-blown.

Thanks to Yahoo Japan and CBM for the video below!

For those that missed the new bits, we’ve listed them out for you here:
00:10-00:12-New looks at the invading aliens and their portal
00:13-00:14- Aliens invading over Stark Tower
00:16-00:16- Gwyneth Paltrow in an airplane
00:17-00:18- Close shot of alien standing on portable ship followed by destruction
00:34-00:35- New shot of Iron Man walking towards his suit
00:43-00:44- New shot of Thor firing Mjolnir into the sky
01:00-01:02- Hawkeye appears, says his new line and shoots two aliens
01:10-01:11- Tony Stark is talking to Bruce behind the Hulk cage. Has he locked Bruce in?
01:13-01:13- New shots of the Quinjet over water
01:16-01:16- Nick Fury with a Bazooka walking down a hallway
01:17-01:18- Tony Stark saying “What isn’t Fury telling us” before explosions happen
01:27-01:28- Colbie Smulders as Maria Hill says her first line!
01:30-01:32- Thor using Mjolnir to flip a car!
01:39-01:43- The Helicarrier rising out of the ocean like it’s no big deal
01:50-01:52- Black Widow and Hawkeye pilot the Quinjet through Manhattan
01:53-01:53- The aliens jumping from the Leviathan tail onto a building
01:53-01:54- Loki straight up hitting a guy with his staff
01:58-01:59- Loki rising and Hawkeye and Fury looking at something
02:00-02:01- Thor and Loki fighting on top of a building

What do you think? Was it more amazing than the recently released theatrical trailer? What was your favorite scene? We loved seeing the Helicarrier rising from the water!

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