After several major surprises regarding the reveal of Sin Rostro, the villain has been MIA for a while on Jane the Virgin. We discuss where the villain is, what they are doing, and when they will show back up!

The beginning of Jane the Virgin relied heavily on the mystery of the notorious Sin Rostro. While we finally know who it is (SPOLIERS AHEAD), said person has been missing for the past three episodes. Again, we are going to be discussing spoiler-like reveals below, so stop reading if you aren’t all caught up!

Who is Sin Rostro?

Sin Rostro, or the “man without a face” has been a plague on the Miami scene for years but had recently gone underground. When the show began, we learned that the notorious villain was back on and Michael and Nadine were working on figuring out who was behind several murders, as well as other related crimes. The most glaring crime was the murder on Roman Zazo at the Marabella, which has been attributed to Sin Rostro.

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The police and the public believe the crime lord to be a man, and no one is immune from speculation. Michael is convinced of Raphael’s involvement, despite having little actual proof. Through his suspicion of his romantic rival, Michael and Nadine started focusing on his father, Emilio Solano. Emilio appears to have some shady deals that involve the hotel, and Rafael brings his wife Rose into the fold. Both believe that they are in danger and suspect him of being the crime lord.

Unfortunately for all involved, the real Sin Rostro stands up and it’s… Rose!

What’s next for Sin Rostro?

The reveal that Rose was Sin Rostro occurred at the end of “Chapter 12” and by “Chapter 14” we had learned a bit more about Rose and then she was gone. Viewers were treated to a bit of her back-story with her lover Luisa, who just happened to be Rose’s husband’s daughter and Raphael’s sister. This certainly made her killing her husband a bit of a roadblock for the two lovers. Ultimately, Luisa chose to run away with her despite this revelation.

The investigation into Roman Zazo’s death, which is believed to be related to Sin Rostro’s activities, has hit a lull due to Rose’s disappearance. As such, we haven’t seen much of Michael’s partner Nadine, who is supremely focused on catching the villainess. However, a recent discovery by Petra might throw the investigation further off track.

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In “Chapter 17,” Petra found herself pulled toward Roman’s identical twin brother Aaron. She tried to ignore it but finally gave in during a weak emotional moment. After potentially losing the hotel’s liquor license, she found herself in the arms of Aaron and the two succumbed to their attraction. What viewers later found out was that Petra had suspicions all along that Aaron was actually Roman, her dead lover!

This clearly will come to a head sooner or later as there are only five more episodes left in season 1. When Rose, aka Sin Rostro, eventually comes back to town, will she bring Luisa with her? Who was really murdered? Which Zazo brother is really alive and what could he be doing by getting close to Petra and Raphael? Hopefully these questions are answered before the end of the season!

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When will Sin Rostro come back to Miami on ‘Jane the Virgin’?

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